Monday, August 4, 2008

Members in print or published

Great way to start August! Here are the big wins of writers who belong to the Internet Writing Worksh0p.


Sue Ellis

My story "Suspended Belief" has been published in Flash Me Magazine. I was given a year's
gift subscription in exchange for the story. They emailed it to me in PDF format so I could choose to print it out (65 pages) or read it online. It's only available to subscribers.

Thanks to those who critted it two years ago.

Alice Folkart

My poem "Isabella," about a five-year old Hawaiian girl teaching me to dance Hula in a bar, is up at 7Beatsl.

To find "Isabella," scroll down to the photo of the palm trees and street lamps silhouetted
against a yellow sunset.

Hope you like it. It's one of my favorites and should really be a story, I think.

Alan Girling

Dear all,

My poem "February 3rd, 1959" was accepted and is now up at Shaking Like a Mountain, a webzine dedicated to writing inspired by music. Check out the interview with Richard Thompson and tribute to Bo Diddley.

Thanks to the poetry group members who critiqued my poem a while back.

Nan Hawthorne

The first published review of my novel An Involuntary King: A Tale of Anglo Saxon England, due out late summer 08!

Woo hoo! she GETS it!

His father dead at a usurper's hands, the new young king must prove
himself despite his own self-doubt. He struggles against monumental
setbacks and treachery, while his beautiful queen, the love of his
life, is relentlessly pursued by a darkly sensual mercenary.

Carol Hicks

My review of Cool Cache by Patricia Smiley up in the August issue of Gumshoe Review. It's a good mystery involving chocolate... How could I resist?

I've been so swamped lately I forgot it was already August!

Ann Hite

The Link, a newsletter published by Smyrna, has an article on the writing workshop I held in June. It is a glowing review. The newsletter is an eight page, four color affair. I was surprised at the money they put into the publication.

Also, what began as a blog post on IRB's blog, "Warts And All," was reworked and accepted by Wild Violet for their upcoming issue. Blog on guys! It is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

Louisa Homerow

My creative non-fiction piece, "You Tell Me Your Name I'll Tell You Mine," was nominated by the Rose & Thorn e-zine for Best Creative Nonfiction. The nomination is listed on the magazine's blog for July 21.

The chance of this piece going past the nomination gate is on the far side of slim; however, it's always great to be nominated : )

Plus, it gives me an opportunity to once again thank the members of NFICTION, the non-fiction critique list, for their encouragement and helpful input.

Carter Jefferson

I read heavy tomes about heavy subjects and review them. When heavy gets to be too much, I read good mysteries. A review of one of them is up in the August issue of Gumshoe Review.

Eric Petersen

Two of my short stories, "Daddy's Girl" and "Embalming Emily," have been published by MicroHorror, an online literary magazine dedicated to horror flash fiction works of 666 words or less. *666,* get it?

Dennis Rizzo

My second book with History Press will be published in January. It is on Black communities in Southern NJ and their role in the Underground Railroad.

Tentative Title is Crossing the River: South Jersey's Fringe Communities and the Underground Railroad. Expected release is January, 2009.

Jack Shakely

This has got to be one of the most unusual yahoos ever posted here. A couple of months ago, Oklahoma Today magazine and the Hasty Bake Corporation held a contest asking readers to tell in 500 words or less why they deserved a huge chrome-plated, four-wheeled barbeque that looks just a bit smaller than a Prius.

So channeling my newest favorite novelist, Bob Sanchez (with just a dollop of Carl Hiaasen), I submitted a whacked-out entry promising to make the barbeque the lead vehicle in my "Smoke Out Ignorance" literacy campaign, passing out books, bonhomie and barbequed bologna (an Oklahoma favorite) all over the state. thing is...I won. You can read my winning entry in the September issue of Oklahoma Today when it's published next month. I have agreed to donate the huge barbeque to the Ryal Creek Indian School in Henryetta, Oklahoma (home of the Warriors). So yahoo...or wahoo.

Carter, I'll pay you five bucks not to blog this.

(N.B.: Nowhere near enough, Jack--we don't get many Yahoos like this one !)

Joanna M. Weston

Three poems up at Raven Poetry: Online Poetry Journal And one poem, "From where litany," in a UK print journal, Weyfarers which has a different editor each time. It can be reached via e-mail here. Three years ago Pearl Pirie of the Poetry list challenged us to write a poem about where we're from; this poem came from that challenge, was critted by the Poetry List, and here it is in print at last. Many thanks to you all.

And I just discovered two of my poems up at Blue Skies. (Click on "Next Page" for the second one.)

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