Monday, August 11, 2008

Members in print or published

Thunder and lightning where I live as I wrote this, but the sun shines on the writers of the IWW most of the time, and here are their triumphs of the past week.


Peggy Duffy

Received a very nice response to one of my submissions:

“Thank you for this piece! One of the things I'm trying to do with Backhand Stories is offer a place for new writers to improve their craft, and articles about writers and the writing process such as your essay can be very valuable.”

I've posted it here.

Kristen Howe

Yesterday I sent out my second submission to Speedpoets, an Australian market, and heard back from them today. One of my poems, "For Your Love" have been accepted for the October 08 issue. (Last year, my prose poem, "Storm Chaser" was published in the summer
issue.) I do have to pay $5 for a copy of my issue. As I recall from last year, I don't believe it went online. Hooray.

Frank Chan Loh

My ten-minute play The Laptop was given a staged reading on 7th July 2008 at the 2008 Singapore Short and Sweet Festival of Short Plays and was also translated into Mandarin Chinese and performed on 19 - 22 July 2008 at the same festival.

An ad for the festival is here.

Ally E. Peltier

Hey everyone! I received a pleasant surprise a few months ago when I was contacted by an editor at F&W Publications. Turns out that my article, "Platforms: Your Background Matters," which previously appeared in the April 2007 issue of Writer's Digest magazine, is being included in the 2009 Writer's Digest Guide to Literary Agents. The book is available in bookstores now.

Wayne Scheer

Writing is still going slow, so I'll brag about what I can.

Two flash stories of mine are available in the August issue of Shine Journal, "The First Wife" and "The Classroom." No pay, but the editor's enthusiasm makes me feel valued, and that has to be worth something.

Also, I received an email from the Gulf Shores Writers Association who published an anthology of stories about Mississippi, Tea Cakes and Afternoon Tales. My story "Spring Comes to Mississippi," critiqued by the good folks at Fiction, is included. The book is apparently doing well. Barnes and Noble has agreed to stock it, at least regionally. So if you happen to be browsing the bookstore . . . .

As always, thanks for keeping me encouraged.

Rebeca Schiller

Yahoo! One of my photos of jellyfish appeared in the Shelter Island Reporter for the story "The Jellyfish at the End of the World." To read the story and see the photo, please visit my blog.

Clive Warner

I like to try to maintain contact with people and places, and recently came across a link that put me in touch with someone I worked with in West Africa--to be precise, The Gambia. I'm working on my memoirs of my life in the radio business and wrote this piece for the Gambia Echo; as a result of that, another ex-staff-member wrote to me.

Wes Wood

A photograph I took on the outskirts of Port Au Prince has been published in the Birmingham Arts Journal. If you want to see it, go to the URL above and click on "latest issue." The photo is on page 4.

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