Monday, August 25, 2008

Members in print or published

Summer may be coming to a close, but our members will never stop! Here's this week's list of triumphs.


Ruth Douillette

I've had some luck with essays recently. Kind of nice!

An essay of mine entitled "Unfolding as it Should" will be published this October by Chicken Soup For the Empty Nester's Soul. The book, originally slated to come out in July, was delayed when Chicken Soup transitioned to Simon & Schuster as their new publisher.

Another essay, called "Hope Springs Eternal," will be published in Chicken Soup For the Soul--Resolutions, which will be published on December 23, just in time for making New Year's resolutions, although the book encompasses resolutions of *any* kind. The deadline to submit a resolution essay is September 15. Still time!

Cup of Comfort For Military Families accepted two essays: "Alone in a Crowd" and "One Veteran's Story."

Karna Converse

My article "Cornfields and Concertos" appears in the August/September issue of Our Iowa. In addition, our two local newspapers have reprinted it. NFiction members may remember offering suggestions about it this past May.

I mentioned my involvement with this magazine in the past but I still think this fact is incredible: The magazine's coming up on its one-year anniversary and already has 37,000 paid subscribers. Their idea to recruit one "field editor" from each of Iowa's 99 counties to serve as their eyes and ears (and submit story and photo ideas) is working. And the best part for me is that a few people have called with ideas they think I should write about!

Dawn Goldsmith

My article "What Would Summer Be Without the County Fair" is up at Christian Science Monitor and my article "Galaxies Yet to Discover," about Ohio Star quilting design variations is in the Oct. 2008 issue of Quilter's World magazine. Not online, but it is 'tickled' on their website

Kathy Highcove

I've been writing restaurant reviews for a local paper, Valley Scene, for the past few months. This time (Aug. 22 - Sept. 4) I have two articles in the same issue.

Kristen Howe

HI everyone. Two weeks ago, I sent out my $4 check to receive my copy of the spring/summer 08 issue of Love's Chance. Today I received it in the mail. Yahoo! Hooray! As I said earlier, no website.

Jassy Mackenzie

Just a quick note with the exciting news that my novel Random Violence is now out - I spent yesterday going round to nine different bookshops in Johannesburg together with Umuzi's sales director, and signing every copy I could get my hands on. It was a great day and it has really made me view the bookstores and the booksellers in a different light. Also, I had no idea there were so many book clubs in this city. Apparently the manager of Exclusive Books Sandton Square has a huge lever-arch file filled with details on the various book clubs who buy from her store.

For anyone who doesn't know, I subbed the first part of this book on the Novels list during 2007 and the feedback I received was invaluable.

The book is only available in South Africa at present but if anyone would like to order it, it's very easy - you can go to - our version of - or to - as far as I know they both post books outside SA.

My author website is also up and running and I'd love comments on it... it is at

Julie McGuire

On August 2nd I attended the release party for Breaking Dawn, the last in a young adult vampire series by Stephenie Meyer. Young adult novels and vampires are not usually my thing, but I've fallen in love with the series.

I invite you to check out The Internet Review of Books blog where I describe my experience at the release party.

While you are there, check out the August issue of The Internet Review of Books (if you haven't already), and please be sure to tell your friends and family about the site.

Jayne Pupek

I'm behind on email, but want to thank everyone who sent congratulations and good wishes on my last reviews.

My first interview is up at Blogcritics:

And Ann Hite reviewed Tomato Girl at The Feminist Review:

Thank you, Ann!

Wayne Scheer

A story I began in Practice-w, "Blind Date, Circa 1969," has been accepted by Sniplits. They hire a professional actor to read the story and sell them as auditory recordings. It's a kick hearing my stories read aloud. They also pay.

Another story that began in Practice, "It's about Time," will appear in the new issue of Wild Violet.

And then there's Pen Pricks back from vacation. They accepted a 55 worder, "War."

Thanks to everyone at IWW.

Harriette Spanabel

Once again I have been notified that another of my short pieces will be published in the November issue of PenPricks.

Joanna M. Weston

My poem "The Cadence of Earth" is up at Cynic Online magazine, in 'Cafe del Soul' (scroll down past 'features').

Two poems from my book A Summer Father up at 7 Beats. Definitely a happy day!

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