Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Call for Submissions: The Healing Power of Giving

  • Submission Deadline: November 29, 2008
Book Description
29 Gifts the story of how 29Gifts.org founder, Cami Walker, healed from a major illness by taking an unusual prescription from a South African medicine woman. The remedy? Give 29 gifts to others in 29 days. Midway through Cami's 29 days of giving, after seeing many miraculous changes in her life, she launched a website encouraging others to take the 29 Gifts Challenge and share their stories about how it impacted their lives. Six months and 1,765 committed givers later, Cami was contacted by a major publisher and decided say yes to their request and write a book. The book is schedule for release Fall 2009.

Authors whose stories are chosen for publication in the 29 Gifts book will receive a one-time payment of $200.

Selected contributors also get a brief bio at the end of their story and a link to their 29Gifts.org profile page. On your 29Gifts.org profile page, readers can learn more about you, leave comments for you about your story, and link to your website.

How to Submit:
  1. SIGN UP for the 29 Gifts Challenge at http://www.29Gifts.org
  2. Give away 29 gifts in 29 days. Your gifts can be ANYTHING given to ANYONE -- smiles, kind thoughts, old sweaters, cans of soup, spare change...
  3. Write and submit a story that is 2,500 words or less about how it impacted your life to focus on giving for 29 days
  4. Email your story in the BODY of an email to story@29Gifts.org
  • NO ATTACHMENTS, please
  • Put STORY in the SUBJECT LINE of your email
  • Include your FULL CONTACT DETAILS: first and last name (as you want it published in your byline), phone number, mailing address, email address and the link to your 29Gifts.org profile at the TOP of your email and the story below that.
  • Guidelines

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