Monday, September 29, 2008

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Not many this week, but some fine ones. Maybe the market is keeping the publishers too busy to look at the great things our members write. :-)


Charles Hightower

I just received word from Electric Dragon Cafe that I've won second place in their summer competition with my piece entitled "On Comet."

Dennis Rizzo

The History Press has sent my second book to print - due out in January. Parallel Communities: The Underground Railroad in South Jersey talks about six small enclaves that served as havens and beacons for free blacks, escaped slaves and native Americans from early colonial times through to the official end of slavery in NJ in 1860. -- perseverance and taking the opportunity when it strikes do work for the struggling author.

Harriette Spanabel

Just received word this morning that my children's book Skyler And The Skunks has been accepted for publication by LegendPress as a paperback book. Three books in the last month sold! You cannot imagine how excited I am.

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