Monday, September 22, 2008

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

It's always great to read about some writer's hard work paying off, especially when the person who earns the success belongs to the same group I do. So I take pleasure today in presenting a nice long list.


Alice Folkart

My poem "Bliss" is up at Cynic Magazine.

Fellow IWW'r Joanna Weston's poetry also appears in this issue.


P.S. -- editors at Cynic responded quickly.

And Here and Now/7beats a second has another of my poems up. It's called "It Has All Happened Before."

My poem is near the end of the issue, between Walt Whitman (I'm honored), a black-and-white photo of a forest, and a picture of a beautiful little soulful-eyed dog.

Dawn Goldsmith

My article "Raised by a Community of Writers" is featured in the Fundsforwriters newsletter for Sept. 21. (Scroll down.)

I've also sold another book review to Clarion, a subsidiary of Foreword Magazine and received another assignment.

My book review for Gary's book is up at Amazon.

My article "In the Quilting World -- Galaxies Yet to Discover" (about Ohio Star pattern variations) was featured in the October 2008 Quilters World.

And I forget if I mentioned that my Christian Science Monitor essay "What would summer be without the county fair?" was published in their Aug. 22, 2008 issue.

Ann Hite

My advance copy of the book Christmas Through A Child's Eyes,
containing my story "Christmas Tree Hunter," came by FedEx today. The
payment has been mailed. :) The book comes out in all the major
bookstores October 17th. My mother and grandmother would be proud. Paul
Harvey endorsed this book. Yahoo.

Mel Jacob

Delighted to find myself and book listed on Fantastic Fiction. Yeah, assume they got it from one of the standard sources, but still nice to be there!

Rich Maffeo

My latest book is off the presses - Lessons Along the Journey :-)

Virtually every one of the 40+ essays was critted on NFICTION.
My gratitude to you!

I P.O.D. published it through Xulon Press (like my first book). They did a great job with the cover, binding and printing. Xulon is a bit pricey, but they do a very professional job. (As an aside, my first book still appears on Amazon (you might remember the problems mentioned by others on the NFICTION regarding PODs and Amazon), and Xulon assures me my second book will also be available through Amazon (and online at B&N, Borders, etc). The books are also available through Spring Arbor/Ingram).

So, pricey, yes. But as I said, I am pleased with their work.

If you are curious about the front cover artwork, visit my website and
double-click on the photo. It will make it larger for viewing.

Julie McGuire

Fellow Booklovers:

I'm pleased to present the September issue of The Internet Review of Books.

We've got plenty of interesting nonfiction and fiction reviews, as well as our "Worth Mentioning" column, which highlights books of note. We've also got a new comment feature which allows you to leave feedback about a particular review.

Happy Reading!

Wayne Scheer

Let there be comedy tonight!

I just received a notice that my story "One Down, Three to Go" won Third Place ($50) in the Baby Boomer Humor Contest. The story began in Practice and moved to Fiction for more critiques.

Also, two more humor pieces beginning in Practice, "SOB" and "It's About Time," are up at Wild Violet. I'm honored to join at least two other IWW member there, Ann Hite and Peg Frey.

Thanks to everyone at Practice and Fiction for their critiques and encouragement.

Rebeca Schiller

I've been waiting with bated breath to Yahoo and let you all know that The Internet Review of Books is live. This month, like every month, we have terrific reviews, and a spanking new comment section. How cool is that? Even cooler, I have a review, Zubaida's Window by Iqbal Al Qazwini. The story is about an Iraqi exile living in Berlin. That's all I'm saying. Now go and visit

Mithran Somasundrum

A story of mine called "The Dancing Aliens," subbed to the Fiction list a lo-o-o-o-ng time ago has been accepted by a print/pdf mag called GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator).

You can submit your story by uploading it. Their tastes are sort of in the intersect of a spec fic/literary Venn diagram, if you get what I mean.

Harriette Spanabel

Cacoethes Publishing has bought two of my children's books. I have the contracts in hand and an additional contract for the next book in the series. To say the least I am very excited.

Joanna M. Weston

My poem "Welcome home" is up at Cynic Mag.

Many thanks to the Poetry List for getting me to adventure into
writing a ghazal and for critting it afterwards.

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