Monday, September 1, 2008

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Another week of good news for IWW writers!


Ruth Douillette

I got notification today that the Christian Science Monitor's Home Forum section will publish an essay of mine called "Memories in a Bottle." CSM pays on publication and schedules well ahead, so I'll do a mini-yahoo with the link to the piece when it is published. I probably won't know until I find the check in the mail. I submitted this essay to the Nonfiction list more than a year ago. I decided to resurrect it and revise a little. I'm glad I did.

Ann Hite

My selected Black Mountain stories can be downloaded in a collected form. You can find them at this site.

Hope you guys enjoy. This is being called a story collection and I guess it is, but this is not the complete collection.

Kristen Howe

Better late than never, I finally got my two copies of Aura Literary Arts in the mail today. My poem "Autumn Sunrise" was published in the Fall 2007 issue. After numerous inquiries, it finally came through, almost a year late. Hooray anyway! I don't see it at the website.

Katherine Kay

Just wanted to share that I have 73 "Guides" at this site now!

Nside San Antonio has two book reviews of mine in this issue of the INSIDE Business journal that you all helped me with. Thank you!

Shayla Mollohan

A poem, “Global Ashes,” that was accepted 8 or 9 months ago is up at Pemmican Press! The poem is rated "R." (Bio up soon.)

They are dedicated editors recovering from a massive crash of their site so now might be a good time to submit your work with a political slant. Give them a try!

About PP from their site:

They have been around since 1992, beginning as a print journal.

"That poetry might be characterized as not only differing from the stylistic and structural
conventions of its time but in its use of imagery and language, its sense of 'place' (or lack of
place in some cases), and, perhaps most important of all, its embrace of the political as a proper subject for poetry. Or, more precisely, because these magazines were willing to embrace the political as a proper subject for poetry, they were able to look beyond the limits of the conventional and see the poetry of the future even as it was being written."

They also publish prose, articles, and book reviews.

Thanks to Poetry-W and friends who nudged me

Jayne Pupek

Tomato Girl is reviewed at Bermudaonion. Kathy, a blogger, is also hosting a book giveaway.

Lesli Richardson

Yahoo!! I can officially announce that Cross-Country Chaos (which I'd subbed in part to the Novels-L list) is under contract with BookStrand. Whoo hoo!!

Cross-Country Chaos is a contemporary romantic story, but not your traditional romance. Think Debbie Macomber meets Murderball. *LOL* As the mother of a wheelchair athlete, I was tired of seeing "romances" that were either "fluffy" and treated disability without realism, or that got it totally wrong. So this story is written from a realistic angle. It was inspired by a cross-country trip I took last year, driving my son to his junior nationals competition (although the story, including the romance, is fiction).

Kelly Alexander is a divorced mom with two sons. The younger is 8 and in a wheelchair. In the process of getting him qualified for junior nationals, a former Paralympian, Mart Rawlings (also in a wheelchair) volunteers to coach him. A romance ensues and...well, you'll have to read it. *LOL* My goal is for people to see that sometimes the greatest disability isn't in the body, it's between a person's ears. It's also the first of four planned books involving related characters introduced in this book.

I've also got an unofficial yahoo pending, another contract for Out of the Darkness, a paranormal thriller I partially subbed to Novels-L. I'm waiting for the okay to give the official Yahoo on that one though (different publisher). They also want a 3-book series I pitched, a paranormal semi-romancey but very dark in tone storyline, Good Will Ghost Hunting, that I'm currently subbing.

Okay, another YAHOO! blogworthy moment, my vampire paranormal romance Love & Brimstone, which went through the Lovestory-L list, was picked by as one of the Reviewer Top Picks of August, 2008! (Scroll down to see it.)

Um, yeah, I've screamed myself hoarse about it! *LOL*

Anita Saran

I'm pleased to say that my editor only tampered with 3-4 sentences in my entire novel Circe. She says although I did not mean to do so, I have really "nailed" the romance and erotica publishing industry with this satire on the two genres. She says she'd love to work with me again. I hope Circe takes off.

Meanwhile I'm already at work on a new novel. I write almost a chapter a day. It's fantasy. How I adore writing fantasy, transforming real life into fairy tales!

Wayne Scheer

This is both a Yahoo and a bit of shameless self-promotion. I'm the featured author at Sniplits this week.

That means you can buy my story, "Not Ready," for 48 cents, which is also its normal price, and you can download my picture for free. Okay, you get what you pay for.

The editor is desperately trying to make Sniplits work and she asked me to spread the word to my friends. She pays pretty well, and has accepted a number of my stories, and I want to do what I can to help her out. So please forgive my crass commercial message.

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