Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Members from around the World

  • I do enjoy writing and agreed to join in response to the urging of a friend.
  • I have been writing for 10 years and was a member of the workshop a few years ago.
  • I found you guys on the Writer's Digest list of top internet sites.
  • I have found the Internet Writing Workshop through Writing-World.com.
  • I was googling 'Fantasy critiques' when I found this site.
  • If you must blame anyone for my presence, it would have to be Holly Michael. I had the good fortune to meet her a few months ago and she seems to think that my scribblings are not entirely without merit.
  • I found you via a link from this web page: http://megwaiteclayton.com/1stbooks/?p=43
  • I found you through a web search.
  • I was searching for information on writing when I came across your site.
  • I found The Internet Writing Workshop while searching on Google for online critique groups. The website I found, http://www.writing-world.com/links/critique.shtml, had a link to your website.
  • I found you through google.
  • I found this website in a post on the Willamette writers forum.
  • I found this site via Google.
  • I discovered your page from this blog post: http://maxbarry.com/writing/help.html.
  • I found you through Writers Digest 101 Best Sites for Writers.
  • I was introduced to your workshop four years ago by Guy Koehler when we were both members of a flash fiction writing workshop moderated by Pam Casto at the U of Texas.
  • I enjoyed IWW when I participated before and look forward to picking up where I left off.
  • I found you while searching the internet for a writers workshop. I live on a remote farm and since leaving the UK I have no access to workshops, this web based option would be great for me.
  • I found IWW through Writer's Digest (the website).
  • I was introduced to this website by Richard Maffeo.
  • I found you in: writing-world.com
  • Google search is how I found you.
  • I found this group by searching for "poetry criqtique groups online" and following a couple of links.
  • I found out about this list at www.writing-world.com
  • I found your group by searching on the web. I spent a lot of time looking. I feel your group is the best because you are serious and committed to what you are doing.
  • I heard about you last week at my writing class.
  • I found you through the Ozarks Writer's Regional Loop.
  • Google for "writing workshops."
  • As I said, I was previously a member, but re-found you by a google search for "Writing Groupsd Non Fiction."
  • I belong to a paranormal romance writers loop, one of the writers raved about this site.
  • i am currently doing a writing course at my local living and learning center and found this site through here.
  • From Help A Reporter Out
  • I found you through Google with the keywords: “online writing group” and then clicking through on a hyperlink pointing to your website, listed on the page http://www.forwriters.com/groups.html .
  • I found this group through searching Google for online writing groups.
  • I found you on-line.
  • I found this address from the website of that Max guy who wrote 'Syrup'. He said this site was a real help and it looks very interesting.
  • I found the workshop by reading Max Barry's blog. I recall he had mentioned the workshop quite some time ago, and only just now got around to trying to use it.
  • I found you through the bulletin board on the Willamette Writers website.
  • I found you in this list- http://www.forwriters.com/groups.html. I had done a search on Yahoo or Google for writers' groups and forums, and found the "for writers" website's list of writing groups.
  • Google search.
  • http://www.writing-world.com
  • I was Googling for Washington DC writers' groups and stumbled across this instead. It seemed to suit me better than most of the in-person options I found.

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Terra Chandler said...

I think I know which one was me!! :)

Anyways, I have been a member for almost a month now, and it has been absolutely invaluable. It keeps me writing everyday, where I have lost interest before and reaffirms that I may actually be able to put to coherent sentences together (occasionally in a run-on). Thank you guys so much!!!!

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