Monday, September 15, 2008

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A great week for good news--especially if your name begins with a "P" or something later in the alphabet. For once all those early letters took some time off for the end of summer. I'm expecting you guys back next week, hear?


Roger Poppen

My mini story "Animals Hold Olympics?" is in the Sept. 1 issue of Cynic Online Magazine.

It was critiqued on Fiction as "An Olympic Fable,"' but the Cynic editors did not see the irony in my "Moral." Satire is hard to do.

Gary Presley

"Presley's writing is deeply emotional, sometimes excessive and a bit too self-flagellating," so say the good folks at Kirkus about my memoir Seven Wheelchairs, but they concluded with the thought that it is "One of the more honest and informative disease memoirs."

And that, my writing friends, will tie knots in the knickers of my friends in the disability activism movement who work hard to remind everyone that "a disease might cause a disability, but a disability is not a disease."

On the other hand, the editor-in-chief at my publisher wrote me a note saying, "I am really happy about this review, congrats, it’s extremely encouraging, way to go!"

My friend Carter, who'll probably blog this, says there's no such thing as bad publicity.

I'll accept that.

Wayne Scheer

Espresso Fiction has accepted my story "The American Dream" for their September 30 issue. It's good finding an editor who likes your work. She's accepted over twenty stories from me at a whopping $30 a piece. This one was critiqued in Fiction a while back.

Clever Magazine will publish a humor piece that I subbed to Fiction, "You Gonna Eat That?" for their food issue due in December.

And my flash "Blind Date, Circa 196," which began in Practice and was also critiqued in Fiction, is up at Sniplits. For forty-nine cents you can hear it read.

Thanks to all.

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