Monday, October 20, 2008

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Big crop today! If you haven't been on here lately, start thinking of subbing something--can't get anywhere without trying.

Mira Desai

The current issue of Indian Literature, the journal from Sahitya Academy, features my translation of a story from Gujarati, my first language. The original story, "Sudamacharitra," is by Pravinsinh Chavda.

Sahitya Academy is India's National Academy of Letters.

A big thanks to Alice Folkart for ironing out the knots and burrs in this story.

Ruth Douillette

I haven't been yahooing my nonfiction reviews on the Internet Review of Books. Maybe I should have been. A dozen reviews--a year's worth--is a lot of work. As our reviewers will attest, it's not a simple thing to write a review.

To read my review of The Dumbest Generation (and by that, author Mark
Bauerlein means all you who are under thirty!) go here.

Joe Hendrix

I was very excited when I saw an e-Mail from my publisher to fill out a form so their artist can start on designing the cover for my book Wally McWinkleBean, the Noodle Adventure. Was quite exciting to read, to know the process of getting my first book in print was on track.

Kathy Highcove

Hello, all IWW critters--

I wrote an article which is published this week in Valley Scene Magazine. Not a restaurant review this time, but an article that retells the story of my writer and composer friend Dena Diamond, a blind woman who has recently made a film short and is trying to get her TV career back on track. She has screened it for people in the studios, and she was recently honored by Women In Film. I attended the film short screening at WIF and witnessed Dena's latest triumph.

You'll find the title, "Back In The Spotlight Again," about three titles down in the Movies section.

Charles Hightower

My latest contest win is now up at Electric Dragon Cafe.

Ann Hite

Check out my review of the novel A Dangerous Age in the Internet Review of Books.

Carter Jefferson

My review in the IRB is about a scary mission during WWII--The Brenner Assignment.

Not to mention that I'm the editor, so I breathe a big sigh of relief when an
issue goes on line, thanks to all the editors and reviewers who make it possible.

And there's another I should have announced before--a review of L'Assassin, about a mystery with a 67-year-old hero, in Gumshoe Review, Gayle Surrette's fine publication.

Julie McGuire

Please take a look at my review of In Hovering Flight, by Joyce Hinnefeld, in the Internet Review of Books. For those of you lamenting the decline of the novel, there's hope. In
Hovering Flight is wonderful!

Judith Power

My short story "Patchwork Journey" won the local writer's award in the Eastern Regional Libraries Story Writing Competition (Victoria, Australia): $500 prize as well as the kudos!

I'm very excited about it: I've only once before been paid for my writing and that was back in the 70's. What's more, it's the first competition I've entered.

Wayne Scheer

I want to thank everyone in Practice and Fiction who critiqued my attempt at horror, "Annabelle," which I prepared for a contest sponsored by Micro Horror. I received notice from the editor that the story didn't qualify for the contest because he was thinking supernatural creature and my monster was flesh and blood. Still, he said he liked the story and asked to put it up on his website.


Susan B. Townsend

My first solo effort is on the market -- A Cup of Comfort Book of Bible Promises. Pretty exciting!

You can have a look at the cover at if you do a search under Susan B. Townsend --- I have three books coming out in 2009, co-edited with James Bell. I just wanted to Yahoo this particular accomplishment, because when I first started I was a good story teller, but I was not a good writer (or editor, for that matter). But I persisted, with the efforts of people who took the time to help me and support me, and here I am. Never give up, and if you have the opportunity to publish your work (paid or not) do it! Someone, somewhere may notice your work and great things can happen.

Thanks to everyone for their invaluable assistance. I've maintained my membership on the Writing List, and have thoroughly enjoyed the discussions, as well as congratulated the many Yahoos. Keep up the good work!

Joanna M. Weston

Two poems up at 7beats here and now (scroll down to the house with green shutters), and I'm in there with Alice Folkart! Cheers!

Michael Wright

My memoir "Gold in the Streets" appears in the latest (Fall 2008) issue of The Sigurd Journal. The Journal is a print publication but you can request an email copy at

This piece was critiqued on the Fiction forum about 3 years ago. Thanks to everyone who helped improve it.

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