Monday, October 6, 2008

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Novels, poems, short stories--our members produce them all! Here's what they did last week.


Dehanna Bailee

Recently found out that my contemporary paranormal novella For Better or Worse is going to be e-published by Literary Road. It will be the first title produced under their HodgePodge imprint.

Mel Jacob

Three reviews up, one at SFRevu (Freezing Point) and two at Gumshoe (Heartless and Caravaggio's Angel).

Ellen Kombiyil

Three of my poems have been accepted by Juked. "What Remains" is currently up, and the other two, "Embracing the Suck" and "Dear Franz Kafka," will be posted separately over the next few weeks. Many thanks to all the wonderful poets on Poetry-W for providing critiques and encouragement. And thanks also to Jayne Pupek, whose yahoo a few months back led me to this market. They accept poetry and prose -- all lengths.

Laurel Lamperd

Hi, everyone - Just to say my historical romance Wind from Danyari, a family saga set on a sheep station in the north-west of Western Australia, has been published by Wings Press.

Some of you may already have read it. The ms. was put through Novels-l some years ago.

Shayla Mollohan

Hi, writing friends,

I received a letter from Angie Ledbetter, Co-editor of The Rose and Thorn, notifying me that my poem "Killers" has been nominated for Best of the Web 2008 Anthology -- and they'd like me to do a podcast. (Tremble, tremble!) Also, I'll be writing about poetry on their blog, Roses & Thorns, very soon. I'm especially honoured and excited about this because of the quality of their journal and their editorial staff: Cesar Garza, Angie Ledbetter, and Kathryn Magendie. These people are a dream team in the world of publishing and I hope you'll send them your work!

Thanks to all Poetry-w members and my workshop mentors who always seem to prod me in the right direction.

Wayne Scheer

Although I'm struggling with longer stories, I'm having success with my flash fiction.

Cynic Online Magazine has accepted "A Fallen Comrade" for its November issue. The story was critiqued on Practice and Fiction.

Shine Journal has accepted "The Diner" for their December issue. This one was written for Practice about a month ago.

And one of my favorite places for flash, Poor Mojo's Almanac, will publish "Big Brother" within the next few weeks. Because they've published more than five of my stories, they sent me a T-Shirt which reads, "My Mind Will Destroy You." I wear it at the gym and get strange looks from guys who could snap me like a twig.

Thanks to all.

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