Monday, October 27, 2008

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

A good week--writers in the IWW are making their marks in a big way!


Peggy Duffy

Between work obligations and problems with my Internet provider and the listserv compatibility (i.e. bouncing email), I've had a hard time keeping up. I've also not posted my recent successes, of which there are a few, and I will get to them. For now, I am one of the featured authors on Sniplits this week--"A Temporary Measure." The story is also listed in their newly created award-winners. Wayne, Peg & others have published at this site as well. The publisher is struggling to make it, I think, in this new venue. Support her and my story and others this week, if you will.

Evelyn Ellis

I had my first ever acceptance from CyberWizard for a short story I entered in their August/September Challenge. Found I was one of seven winners when I opened my inbox while on holiday and was really, really excited. No, I mean REALLY!

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging crits, and especially thanks to Alice for giving me the encouragement, and the websites, to enter.

Lynne Hinkey

I have two could-be yahoos.

First, my essay "The Lost Art of Funerals" was accepted by the University of Maryland for inclusion in their annual publication Constellation International Literary Review. The 2009 issue was supposed to be out this month, but I have yet to hear about it or see it. But, one of these days ...

Second, Cacoethes Publishing offered me a contract for my children's book, Saving the Fairies' Tails. That was critted on the YA list over a year ago (and greatly improved by the input!). I'm still reviewing the contract, so haven't made a decision, yet. They publish first as an e-book, then hard copy. I know a few IWW-ers have published with them and for those of you I've contacted - thanks so much for your help and insights. For anyone I haven't been in touch with who has published with them, please contact me off-list so I can get more information about them and their publishing process.

Ann Hite

I just received my copy of Literary House Review, where my story "Wiggle Room" was published. But the best part is I wrote the introduction for the book. I had a good time reviewing the manuscript before it went to press. Literary House Review can be found in many of the best libraries in the country, including the New YorkCity Public Library. You can find their
submission guidelines on their website.

Kristen Howe

I forgot to give my Yahoo to everyone earlier this week. I got my copy of Speedpoets this week. "For Your Love" is now published. Unfortunately, it's not online.

Wayne Scheer

While it's fresh on my mind, let me piggyback on Peggy's Yahoo and say that my story, "The Naked Lady in 3B," a humorous pseudo-detective story, is also featured on Sniplits.

Sandra I. Smith

I am pleased to announce that my novel Acts of Love has been accepted for publication by Write Words, Inc.

Acts of Love is my third completed novel, and the second novel to be published.

Acts of Love will first appear in e-book format. Write Words also has a print division, Cambridge Books, and they will later consider publishing Acts of Love as a print book.

For more about this book and the publisher, see Sandra's essay a few entries down in this blog

Joanna M. Weston

A poem, "Phantasmal (Triolet)," up at Cynic Magazine. This is an interesting form, one of the Poetry List's challenges for this year. Scroll down to read my poem.

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