Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey, Max Barry! We Love New Members!

  • Listening to the ABC radio national book show where Max Barry was one of the guest speakers. He strongly recommended the writing workshop.
  • I found you from this website:
  • I first heard of the IWW several years ago (2001, I think) when I searched for
  • a writing workshop online.
  • I heard about you by doing web searches for online writing groups.
  • I found the site through google.
  • I saw your web page on
  • I found out about your critique group through a friend. He recommended your group because it more organized than the critique group I was previously using.
  • I found these lists through a Yahoo group - "Momwriters."
  • I found you through a search engine.
  • I found you by searching "Writing workshops" on Google
  • I have joined a writer's group in Hollywood but wasn't too impressed with it so someone in the class talked about the Internet Writing Group and I found you!
  • I found you through a Google search for “internet novice novel critique”
  • I found out about IWW when i took Wendee Holtcamp's e-writing course.
  • I found out about IWW when i took Wendee Holtcamp's e-writing course.
  • Google search.
  • I found this website when searching the net for writing courses.
  • I think it was momwriters group.
  • I found your site googling writing workshops.
  • Ps. I found you through a search engine on the internet when I typed in “writing workshops.”
  • I found your site through Writer Digest's 101 Best Websites.
  • How I found you: I hardly know you. Let's start off as friends a see where that takes us.

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