Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hints, Tips, and Resources

IWW members are able to manipulate their list server settings (going "nomail," changing over to the digest version, signing off a list) with a series of commands which can be found at this link.

Members are always sharing writing resources. Three offered lately include "Pain in the English," "Grammar Resources from the University of Chicago," and thoughts on "Passive Voice."

And chief administrator Greg Gunther often reminds members that the IWW list server computer wants to see Plain Text and only Plain Text. Here's his online resource about how you can make the list server happy.

For those whose posts to the workshop appear "with garbage characters," here is a way to clean them up. You go to this website. There you'll see two data-entry boxes, one above the other. In the top one, you paste your text as copied directly from Word. Click the "Clean" button below the lower box. This causes the corrected plain text to appear in the lower box. Select it all (Ctrl-A), copy it, and paste it into our submission to the workshop. If you have problems, please contact me.

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