Monday, November 10, 2008

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Nice lot for last week--keep up the good work, everybody!


Peggy Duffy

A few Yahoos, some belated:

A piece I wrote which began as a Practice prompt has been accepted for Memoirs of Meanness, an anthology by Pergola Publishing, scheduled for a spring release. The piece has been title "A Mean Season." The anthology aims to capture "irrational moments of childhood."

Another short story, "The Last of the Richardsons," published in print in Workers Write, Issue 4, "Tales from the Clinic," has been nominated by the editor for The Pushcart Prize. It also appeared in Trillium Lit Review, and the PDF can be downloaded off my webpage (see short stories tab).

A short story for mid-grade readers, "Song of Hope," now appears in Lay-ups and Long-Shots, an anthology by Darby Creek Publishing for readers ages 10 and up. From the book jacket: "Sometimes in life, success is a long short--other times it's as easy as a lay-up! Nine contemporary children's authors bring their A game to the pages.

Kristen Howe

Yahoo! I got a letter now from the editor of Northern Stars Magazine, that both of my poems, "Cherubs" and "Autumn Sunrise" will appear in the November/December o8 issue, this fall. This is good news, after I inquired twice and almost gave up in my follow-ups. There's no website and no payment, but nonsubscribers are notified of publication. I might have to buy a copy at $5 to see it. Will keep you informed.

Ellen Kombiyil

I have two yahoos to announce. The first is that my poem, "Dear Franz Kafka," is up at Juked. I received lots of great feedback on this piece from the excellent poets on Poetry-W, so a big thank you to everyone who critiqued. Your comments and questions have made the poem immeasurably better.

My second announcement is that I received an honorable mention in the IBPC poetry competition for August. My poem "How Soft is the Blackness that Cannot Bring Me Joy" is a piece close to my heart. This poem was also critiqued on Poetry-W, where I received invaluable encouragement and suggestions for improvement.

My big disappointment with this yahoo is that the published poem was not my final, finished version, but my very first draft! Somehow there was a mixup with the person that nominated the poem to the competition sending the unfinished version in for judging. I tried to rectify it with the IBPC but I was unable to get through to any of the overseers there. So, a little bit of heartbreak for me. Luckily, I hadn't fiddled with the poem too much in the final draft, but as those in poetry know, small choices in word and rhythm make a big difference.

Laurel Lamperd

Hi, everyone, I received a nice review for my novel Wind from Danyari from Coffee Time Romance.

Wayne Scheer

The money is just pouring in now.

Sniplits is still trying to survive and accepted an old holiday story of mine, "Holiday Spirit," for a whopping $50. It will be up soon.

And my favorite editor at Espresso Fiction will publish "The Affair," recently critiqued in Fiction for another $30. No publication date has been determined.

Thanks to all

Michael Wright

My story "It's So Easy" appears in the current online issue of Amarillo Bay.

This publication was a true exercise in patience. I wrote the story about ten years ago, first sent it out in January 2001. I've revised it several times, submitted it for critique to the Fiction list (thanks to all who helped me), and kept sending it out. Finally found an editor who liked it.

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