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IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Lots and lots of action this week! The IWW helps writers, that's for sure.


Robin Bell

My article "A Cat called Grey" appears in the November/December issue
of I Love Cats. Poor Grey was run over and required major surgery. While
recuperating at home, his owner's house burned down and Grey and was
rescued after he was found, badly burned, a couple of days later. Despite
his accidents, he remains as lively and playful as ever.

Karna Converse

My essay "Follow the Boat" appears in the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Mom Writer's Literary Magazine. NFiction critters may remember the piece from last spring. The entire essay is not available online, but my print issue arrived yesterday. The magazine's layout is nice -- lots of white space, pull-out quotes, photos and art work (all black and white). This market may be of interest to essayists and poets who are also moms. Guidelines are here.

Pam Casto

I just received my copies of the four-volume Books and Beyond: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of New American Reading (edited by Ken Womack, Greenwood Press, 2008). It's wonderful to see my 8,000-word article on flash fiction inside. I'm so pleased with how it turned out. You might talk to your local library or your university library about ordering this four-volume set so you'll be able to see it, too (since it costs about $400).

There are many interesting and well-researched (and lengthy) articles inside, such as those on Academic Fiction, African American Literature, Arab American Literature, Asian American Literature, Christian Fiction, Chick Lit, Cyberpunk, Holocaust Literature, Latino American Literature, Manga and Anime, Philological Thrillers, Road Fiction, Space Opera, Sports Literature, Terrorism Literature, Transrealist Fiction, and many others (about 75 articles in all). Each article has a definition of the genre being discussed, segments on its history, info on trends and themes, context and issues, reception, and a discussion of selected authors.

I wish you could all see it now. It's loaded with interesting and useful information. I'm so pleased with how my article on flash fiction turned out and am so thrilled to have my work included in this encyclopedia project.:-)

Ruth Douillette

I'll follow Wayne's retro yahoo with one of mine. When I sent the yahoo about publication of my essays, several asked me to post again when the books were published.

Chicken Soup for the Soul for Empty Nesters came out in October. A Cup of Comfort for Military Families was released just before Veteran's Day.

I had two essays in each of these. I get nothing from the sale of the books; they pay for essays on publication. But I will say they make nice gifts for the appropriate people. They do give me a discount on any books I might want to buy. Chicken Soup, I think it is, also offers opportunities to market the book, and pays a stipend to those who choose to do so . . . which I didn't. :>)

Alan Girling

My poem 'in visible' is currently appearing under the heading "Alan Girling is invisible" at Ink, Sweat and Tears, a relatively new poetry e-zine that publishes new work almost daily along with poetry podcasts. You may have to scroll down a bit to read mine. Thanks.

Dawn Goldsmith

The Writer Magazine Senior Editor Ron Kovach phoned me today and wants me to do their Breakthrough column for April, 2009. I sent an inquiry about two years ago and they have had it on hold, saying they'd like to use it, really they it appears, they want a rewrite to fit their format.

Also received payment for my profile of Susan Shie, which will run in Quilter's World next spring.

Sold two book reviews to Clarion.

Am writing reviews on my Subversive Stitch blog for C&T Publishing and Chronicle books. (free books, no monetary pay).

Another essay will appear in a Hope Clark's Funds for Writers newsletter in December. Title: "More to it than birthin' babies."

Ann Hite

Here's a book review I did this month on Hope Through Courage. This book is a self- published memoir on meth addiction. The message was so strong I had to overlook its flaws. Enjoy.

Louisa Howerow

My flash fiction "Reading Slides in Room 1043" appears in the first issue of Conclave: A Journal of Character.

Jessica Jacobson

I'm happy to announce that my guidebook Roaming Kyrgyzstan: Beyond the Tourist Track, has been released.

In addition to standard guidebook material, this book contains a series of vignettes about the people, culture and traditions of Kyrgyzstan based on the two and a half years I spent living there. A big thank you to all of the non-fiction members who provided helpful critiques. Several of them are acknowledged by name in the book.

Carter Jefferson

Like the others who published reviews in the IRB on Saturday, I have a review to brag about--"Not Much Left," by Tom Waldman, who laments the bad rep the word "liberalism" has acquired over the years and explains how that happened.

And then there's an essay about how we got into the current economic meltdown.

I worried a lot about that thing. It's not a review, and not exactly an essay--more like a bibliography with explanations. I got to thinking about all those things last week when the TV and newspapers were all carrying on, and couldn't stop myself, so I just sat down and wrote it in about five hours. Turned out to be more work then, checking out the titles and all to make sure they were right. The other editors and all said publish it, so there it was. They helped out a lot, as good critters always do.

It's funny what prompts people to write. I've had that compulsion effect a few times before, and it's always surprised me. Little did I know when I got that econ degree a few decades ago how handy it would turn out to be. :-)

Finally, every time we get an issue of The Internet Review of Books out, I'm amazed and delighted. It's all those other people's work that does it--and most of them are members of
the IWW.

Peter N. Jones

I just got a bunch of copies of the recently published book Kennewick Man:
Perspectives on the Ancient One
. I've got two chapters in it. Made my day!

Laurel Lamperd

I have another review for my novel Wind from Danyari, which The Romance Studio reviewed and placed on their website. I am grateful to the reviewers at the Romance Studio that they reviewed my book. Ihough there is some romance in the book, it is not strictly a romance like the books they usually review.

It's difficult to find sites that will review a book like Wind from Danyari.
I have put the website here for those who want to read the review.

Jassy Mackenzie

A big Yahoo for my second novel, Gangsters' Paradise, which has just been accepted by Umuzi - Random House South Africa - who published my first novel, Random Violence, earlier this year. The second book should be published next year sometime, although at this stage I don't know exactly when.

The first eleven chapters of this book were subbed to the Novels workshop earlier this year. Thank you so much to all critters for your fantastic feedback and helpful suggestions.

The one thing that will probably change is the title - when I know what it will be, I'll tell you.

When I joined in June 2007, I was an unpublished writer with one completed novel. I subbed about half this novel to the list, made substantial changes to it as a result of the feedback I received, and it was accepted for publication six months later. I'd like to thank the Internet Writing Workshop for being such an invaluable resource. It gives writers encouragement, instant feedback, the wonderful feeling of being part of a writing community, and great motivation to keep writing and keep subbing chapters. More than that, the comments that I've received and the crits that I've written on others' work have helped me to develop my own skills, and to analyse the way I write and the structure, pacing and plotting of my books.

Thank you all so much.

Roger Poppen

My flash story "Menage à Trois" has been published by Everyday Fiction.
(Scroll down, please.) Thanks to all who critted this on Fiction-L. Your
comments helped me strengthen the story.

Bob Sanchez

The November 2008 issue of The Internet Review of Books published my review of Three Generations, No Imbeciles, which covers the eugenics movement here in the US as well as the specific case of Carrie Buck, who was sterilized because she was considered morally and mentally unfit to bear children. Not cheery stuff, but it's not the type of history you learn in school.

This is my 14th contribution to the IRB, where I can also yahoo because they allow me to play webmaster. My pay is zero, but Carter has promised me a 10 percent raise if I continue to behave.

Wayne Scheer

Consider this a retro yahoo; no new stories have been accepted, but old ones are up.

"A Fallen Comrade" is available this month at Cynic Online Magazine.

And another story of mine, "Autumn Moon," is featured this week on Sniplits. For 88 cents you can listen to one of my favorite stories and support a paying venue that intends to accept submissions again from the general public after Thanksgiving. Keep hope alive, and all that.

Thanks to all.

Rebeca Schiller

How Does One Say YAHOO in Polish?
Towarzysz autorów!

I am pleased to announce that the November issue of The Internet Review of Books is live. We have terrific reviews this month, including one from yours truly. In this issue, I had the pleasure to learn more about my favorite film director Roman Polanski. And if I can remind everyone, please leave comments in the designated area. We look forward to your feedback of how we can improve IRB and our own reviews.

Dzie;kuja;, from a self-proclaimed honorary Pole who most likely has her cases

Harriette Spanabel

I got notice this morning that my SixWord story on love, which I submitted to a Smith
contest, is going to be included in their next Six Word book, to be published
this winter.

Joanna M. Weston

My review of Alison Calder's poetry, Wolf Tree, is up at


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