Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LitMatch: Find An Agent For Free!

So, you've finally finished writing your great American novel. You've let your family and friends read your manuscript, you've incorporated their ideas and some of your own into the rewrite. You've cleaned up the manuscript and polished it to a shine. It's the final draft, baby!

Now what?

Well, chances are, you're thinking about getting an agent. While it is possible to sell a manuscript without one, most of the big name publishers will not accept unsolicited manuscripts. A good agent can get your foot in the door and mean the difference between publication and rejection.

But where do you find one?

Well, there's a great free site called LitMatch that can help you find an agent. You can browse their directory of agents and find one that's right for you. You can browse or search by agent name or agency name, and the listings tell you what type of writings the agent handles, how to approach the agent, terms of service, response times, and much more - everything you'll need to know to decide whether to approach or avoid a particular agent or agency.

After you create an account on LitMatch, (which is free and easy to do) you can use their online submission form to track your submissions of query letters, proposals, manuscripts, etc. The LitMatch site is completely independent (it's not affiliated with any particular agent or agency, and doesn't charge them to use the site) and advertiser supported.

So, if you're looking for an agent, give LitMatch a try!

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