Monday, May 4, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Few things make a person as happy as that first blush of success, that first publication. We have two of those in this week's list, so I'm deviating from the usual alphabetical format to put them at the top. I don't think the old hands will mind. :-)


Sally Roberts

My story "The Prayer" is up at Camroc Press Review! I almost kissed the butcher, I'm that excited.

And I thank everyone who critted it on its first appearance in Practice, especially Alice.

Stacey Dye

I just got my first poem published, ever! It's called "Blind Trust," and it's up at Camroc Press Review as of April 22.

Mark Budman

My essay is available in the Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction.

Ellen Kombiyil

My poem "After Drinking Too Much Wine," which appeared online in the Feather Tale Review a few months ago, has been selected for their annual print publication. Here's what the editor had to say: "Your poem will appear on one of the end papers with a full page illustration. We hope you are as excited as we are."

In addition, I receive one contributor's copy and 15 CAD as payment.

Plus, this puts me one step closer to getting four more (now, three more) print publications under my belt by March 2010 so that I can apply for a NEA grant. I'm thrilled!

Thanks to all on this list who provide such wonderful encouragement and a supportive writing environment.

Kathy Highcove

I finished editing the May issue of newsletter of the California Writers Club, West Valley Branch, and would like to share it with the IWW membership. There are some entertaining stories and helpful information in the issue - like how to use quotation marks properly, written by our club president, a former English teacher. (Don't wince, he's a good guy.)

Ann Hite

My personal essay "Believing In Magic" will appear in the anthology Christmas Traditions, published by Adams Media, to be released this fall in all major bookstores. I just received my W-4 form so I can get paid. I love working with these guys and can't wait to see the book.

Mel Jacob

The following book reviews appear in the May editon of Gumshoe Review:

--Strangle a Loaf of Italian Bread by Denise Dietz (humorous mystery with
--A Lie for a Lie (Ministry is Murder Mystery) by Emilie Richards (Humorous
--The Season by Sarah MacLean (Regency romantic mystery)

I'll have more to announce in June, including a fantasy novel.

Also today got a royalty check, which I think it's for the Large Print edition of Train to Yesterday.

Peter N. Jones

Just got my copy of the Writers Beat Quarterly, and found my article on publishing in it. I knew it had been accepted, but you never know until it shows up in print. Nice way to welcome in the weekend.

Tom Mahony

A few recent yahoos:

-- "Gone," in the Camroc Press Review.

-- In the Scruggy Dog Review,"Bogus Highbrow."

-- And "John Flowinghair,"in

Victoria Mixon

My essay "Literary Mashing, or Zombies Don't Dance" is up at Rebeca Schiller's Alvah's Books site. Scroll down to read it.

Thanks, Rebeca!

Randy Radic

Essay on Nabokov and Lolita is up on Alvah's Books. Amen, and thanks to Rebeca. Scroll down to read it.

Wayne Scheer

I'm glad editors don't consider Sunday a day of rest. I got good news yesterday.

My story "Road Trip" won First Place in The Gulf Coast Writers Association's Let's Write contest. It netted me $75. The story, originally "Road Trip to Hell," was critiqued at Fiction.

Also, my flash "Letting Go," originally written as a Practice exercise, was accepted at Shine Journal for their August issue.

My story "Morning Routine" is the Feature Story at Flash Me Magazine. They've reviewed my book as well. "Morning Routine" began as a Practice exercise, so I have the Practice List to thank.

Virginia Winters

My story "The End of the Day" appeared in the April 14 edition of Wyn Lit.

And another story, "Fire of Love," took first place in the Wynterblue Publishing contest for April.

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