Monday, June 1, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Another great week for Internet Writing Workshop members who continue to find publishing success in all venues. Congratulations to this week's crew!


Barry Basden

"Trouble at Home," a short poem with erotic and other overtones has been published in Gloom Cupboard #95.

Paul Fein

I received some nice recognition in a national writing contest - the 2009 CNW/FFWA Florida State Writing Competition.

Under the category 'Previously Published Nonfiction/Article/Essay/Book Chapter,' my essay "Tennis vs. Golf: Which Sport is Tougher?" took 1st Honorable Mention. My feature "Records are Made to be Broken," took 4th Honorable Mention.

Our many commendable critiquers definitely improved both pieces.

Alice Folkart

My review of "Siren's Feast: an Edible Odyssy" is up at Alvah's Books.

Ann Hite

I have been asked to speak at the Scribblers Retreat Writers' Conference in St. Simon Island, Georgia. This will happen next year some time. Not sure of the dates yet. But Yahoo. The semi final status of "Beautiful Wreck," my novel, is beginning to pay off already. It just so happens that my new novel is set in Darien, Georgia, just a mere fifteen miles up the coast from St. Simon. How could I say no?

Frances Mackay

I have finally started submitting my work again. I've found it hard to get up the courage these last few years but I have had three poems accepted by Pen Himalaya and will "go live" next month.

Wayne Scheer

I've resurrected a story I wrote a long while ago, "Teach Your Children Well," and it is up at Rumble. Although the story feels like it's wearing bell bottoms, I'm glad the editor of Rumble thinks the humor still works.

My flash, "This Is America, Isn't It?," is up at Camroc Press Review. This one started out in Practice, so thanks to the group.

Rebeca Schiller

My article about real estate assessment, "The Airing of Grievances," appeared in the local Hampton's lifestyle magazine, Dan's Papers. I feel so special.

Also, Political Affairs Magazine has asked me to do another book review for them.

Vera Charline Wareham

I have a Haiga in the June 2009 issue of Lynx. It's under Solo Poems - Combined Genres, and is the one with feet on the sidewalk.

The image is mine, too. I love putting together my art and verse. Often, I take a photograph with the intent of adding verse, or using a poem that I have already written; on the other hand, I often create verse for existing images. Sometimes they grow at the same time. I think Haiga is great.

They spelled my name wrong, but most everybody does; it is spelled Charline.

Joanna Weston

My poem, "From the Camera" is up at Damazine.

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