Monday, June 8, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

IWW members have had a busy month, and this past week have found publishing success in a wide range of venues. Congratulations to this week's crew!


Bill Barnes

I can't even remember when I sent this in but Adams Media notified me that my short story, "Tough Little Dirt Dobber" is one of the finalists to appear in next year's Cup of Comfort for Fathers.

Mark Budman

A radio interview with me will be streamed on my website beginning on Thursday, June 4th.

Jeannette Cezanne

Just received word that my ten-minute play, "Flygirls," that premiered in Provincetown last January, has been selected for the Estrogenius Short Play Festival in NYC this coming October. Flygirls is an encounter in the afterlife between Amelia Earhart and Harriet Quimby (the first American woman to hold a pilot's license).

New York, here I come!

My play, "The Pact" (an adaptation of Jodi Picoult's novel ... and she liked the adaptation!), which played to sold-out houses during its first run, will return with the same production company for two nights in July at Concord (NH)'s Capitol Center for Performing Arts.

The director and actors are all fabulous and I'm honored to have worked on this project with them.

Karna Converse

My story, "A Second Helping of Funeral Sandwiches" will appear in Cup of Comfort for Grieving Hearts to be published December 2009. NFiction critters may remember this piece from a few years ago. At that time, it aired on Iowa Public Radio and made it into an issue of Flashquake. I always wanted it to be read by a wider audience and am thrilled it'll be included in a Cup of Comfort anthology.

And, for what it's worth: a special Congrats to William Barnes for his piece that was accepted by Cup of Comfort's Fathers/Daughters anthology. He neglected to acknowledge that his is one of 68 finalists from 2,000 submissions!

Sue Ellis

I'm up at Dead Mule with an essay I started on Practice nearly two years ago. Thanks to all who critted this one.

Linda Formichelli

I just got an assignment from Fortune Small Business to profile an entrepreneur with a very interesting hobby. I can't spill the details, but let's just say that my martial arts experience will come in handy when I participate in the source's hobby with her! I'm very excited as I love the topic and have been wanting to get back into business writing.

Dawn Goldsmith

Heard today from Chicken Soup All in the Family and they requested permission to use my 32B essay. I don't think it means I'm in for sure, but a finalist. It was more than a year ago that I sent it to them. It was a good omen especially today, the anniversary of Dad's death.

Karyn Hall

Six Sentences accepted my submission, "The Dialectic." I am so excited about my first submission, my first acceptance.

Deanna Hershiser

Flashquake's summer issue is up, with my nonfiction essay, "Literary Release."

Thanks again for the encouragement and help with this.

Kathy Highcove

I reviewed a Cuban restaurant for the local publication Valley Scene Magazine and was treated to a wonderful meal, accompanied by good quality red wines from Spain and Chile. I tried a slightly different style this time - conversation that explains and describes Chef Rolando's cuisine instead of a straight first person description of the courses.

Hope you enjoy reading about this experience. I know I enjoyed my work at Casa Don Rolando.

Ann Hite

Here's my review for "City of Victory," a short story by Anita Saran, at the Feminist Review. This is a beautifully written story and those that haven't read it really should.

Mel Jacob

Only two reviews this month because of my trip.
At SFRevu: "Warbreaker" by Brandon Sanderson, Tor Books, Hardcover, ISBN 9780765320308
A fascinating world based on color and enhanced powers via the essence of others given willingly.

At Gumshoe Review: "The Lord of Death" by Eliot Pattison, Soho Crime, Hardcover, ISBN 9781569475799
Set in Tibet under Chinese control, this violent mystery series joins others with ethnic sleuths in gritty exotic settings.

Rebecca Kellogg

My feature article "Toby Forrest and Cityzen" is the cover story for Action Magazine's May/June issue and is now live online!

Thanks to all who critiqued it.

Tom Mahony

My faction piece, "Spring at Dawn" is up at Kurungabaa. It's intended for a surf audience, so it may or may not be relatable to non-surfers.

My story, "Trestle" was selected as the Featured Story in the new issue of Word Catalyst.

Randy Radic

Good news: my next rockin' book is due out October 1, 2009 -- from ECW Press, of course. It's called "Gone To Hell: True Crimes of America's Clergy." The extra-good news is that it's already selling (pre-orders) in the TOP 100 Crime books at Amazon in Canada. And we are still four months from its release.

Next: Crime Magazine published an excerpt from "Blood In, Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood." It's only 7000 words long, written under my pen-name. It's been up less than a month and already over 1100 readers. Which just goes to show ya' that people want to read about the AB.

To proceed: KasanovaOnline Magazine debuts June 15. Lots of my articles will appear in the magazine. And I'm getting ready to profile a couple of mega-muscled-Modesto-monsters from Intersport Gym for the next issue.

Bob Sanchez

Kate Reynolds posted a great review of my novel "Getting Lucky" on Amazon.

Anita Saran

I know Ann has already posted this yahoo, but I'm so thrilled, I have to yahoo.

"City of Victory" grew from a 3000-word short story broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2004 to an 18,000 word novella in 2008. Amazing how some stories one writes don't let go until they become what they were really meant to be.

Wayne Scheer

My collection of flash stories, "Revealing Moments," was reviewed in Feminist Review. More, the review is flattering enough to swell my head to twice its normal size. What a kick it is to read about yourself--especially when the reviewer is saying positive things.

My flash, "A Jazz Tune-Up" is up at Apollo's Lyre. This one, like so many of my flash stories, began as a Practice exercise.

Dead Mule has accepted another old Practice piece, "Neighborly Concern." It's scheduled for their next issue.

Finally, my story, "Doing Penance," has been accepted for the premier issue of Diverse Voices Quarterly. This story was critiqued in Fiction not too long ago.

Rebeca Schiller

My second article appeared in Dan's Papers. This one was on Down Payment Assistance in the Hamptons (yeah, right).

Joanna Weston

Two reviews, one of Edward Carson's "Taking shape," the other Sean Horlor's "Made beautiful by use," are up at Danforth Review. These are both books of poetry that impressed me, for different reasons, and well worth reading.

A slightly whacky poem is up at Feathertale. I enjoyed writing it and I'm happy to see it up!

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