Sunday, June 21, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

It's been another great week for Internet Writing Workshop members, who continue to find publishing success in all venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!


Barry Basden

"Missing Her," a 50-worder, has been published in the Summer Issue of the Boston Literary Magazine.

Stacey Dye

My current poem "Immeasureable" with a major revision is up at Camroc Press Review. Thanks to everyone who helped with comments and suggestions to make it better. You guys are wonderful. It is a much better poem for your input.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Sue Ellis

The new issue of Ken Again has a story, "Maxed Out," from me. It is a story begun in practice and polished with the help of many.

Also have a book review of "Bond of Union: Building the Erie Canal and the American Empire" in this month's Internet Review of Books. Lots of great reviews there.

Warren Jamison

The galleys of my article about the easy way to publication that started my career as a pro writer just came. The article is information dense with stuff some of you may find to be of great interest. Anyway, check it out if you get the chance.

Although I've written, coauthored or edited over 50 published books, this is my first article in a major national magazine. The editor was top-notch, very cordial, accessible and prompt, unlike the experiences many members of ASJA report with different publications. Nevertheless, I stick by my conclusion reached many years ago, that in the time it takes to develop ideas, query editors and write a couple of magazine articles, one can launch a book. The book, of course, has the potential to pay far better than articles.

My article will appear on page 34 of The Writer magazine's September 2009 issue, which will be available in August.

Cheers--and keep writing.

Tom Mahony

My short story, "Swell" is up at Boston Literary Magazine.

My short essay, "Germ Fest" is up at Nights and Weekends.

Wayne Scheer

After receiving almost a dozen rejections over the past couple of weeks, I finally got some good news.

Fiction at Work will publish my flash, "A Noble Profession," in their September 2 issue.

Mona Leeson Vanek

Because of the 14 excellent crits I received so quickly on my workshop submission, "Rockford's Opening statement," I won't need more. This afternoon I submitted my revised draft to the FBLA webmasters engaged by the town's officials to create the web site.

Sharing my two-fold joy! My efforts (as a Horizons Poverty Project Communications and Education team member) to persuade Rockford's Mayor and Town Council to provide Rockford (WA) with a website met with success. And, thanks to your excellent crits, the webmasters liked my rewritten opening statement, and (too wordy, they said) they'll use a tightened version on the "About Us" page, rather than the front page.

Right on! I'm delighted. Now, I should only be consulted if/when they encounter information they're unsure of how to word. I look forward to adding the website's URL to my sig when it's published.

Joanna M. Weston

My poem, "Centre Line," is in v.28 #2, p.82 of Existere, the print journal of York University, Toronto.

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