Sunday, June 28, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues. This week, we also have one member enjoying her first published essay since joining the IWW.

Congratulations to Elisha Webster Emerson and the rest of this week's crew for all your writing successes!


Bill Barnes

An excerpt from my new novel, "The White Cockroach," is now exhibited on Free Book Excerpts.

Check it out!

Barry Basden

My poem, "Retirement Haven," (don't go there) is up at A Tender Touch and a Shade of Blue.

You have to scroll down a little to see the piece. The editor makes comments about everything he puts up, but it's his site, so....

Mark Budman

A Moscow magazine, Иные берега, did an interview with me regarding my novel "My Life at First Try."

Jeannette Cezanne

Yesterday, Manhattan Theatre Club called Yellow Taxi Productions and requested a copy of my play, "The Pact." I'm told by folks who know the NY theatre scene that the mere fact of being considered is a terrific coup, and that the fact of it being a phone call (as opposed to an email or letter request) is also meaningful.

So ... yahoo!

Mira Desai

"The Neighbors," my translation of the Gujarati story "Padoshi" by Pravinsinh Chavda, is up on Calque.

This story details two very different life trajectories, mindsets and expectations on the two sides of a fence in a lower middle class locality.

Feels good.

Stacey Dye

Two of my poems, "Twister" and "Last Call" are in this week's issue of Here and Now. I'm quite excited and want to thank everyone on the Poetry list for helping me fine-tune them both.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!

Sue Ellis

My story, "Sophie's Song," is in the latest edition of Birmingham Arts Journal.

To view the journal's contents (available on the site in pdf format) click on the "latest edition" link just below the picture. My story is on page 23 and 24.

Thanks to all who read and critiqued when I had the kernal of an idea for this story on Practice.

Elisha Webster Emerson

This is my first yahoo since joining the IWW. My essay, "Four Reasons To Make a Quilt" has been published in the zine All Things Girl.

Also, while I'm tooting my own horn, my blog, "My Inconvenient Body" (a blog about parenting and writing) was recently nominated for Nickelodeon's Parents' Picks 2009 "Best Local Blog." As of now, I have 95% of the votes!

Yahoo and Hurray. Thanks to everyone in the group for your critiques and compliments.

Rebecca Gaffron

Just learned that my prose poem "definiens" has been accepted for publication in the Fall 09 issue of Cent Magazine. Cent is a metro journal produced in London and sold not only by subscription, but also in bookstores on five continents. Each issue is themed and guest edited by some VIP in the area of the chosen theme, so that can be somewhat limiting. But the editors are friendly and easy to work with and I'd recommend checking their web site for future editions.

Alan Girling

Two from me:

Poetry: My poem "scarcity" is up at Blue Skies Poetry, currently on the front page, but soon to be found under my name in the Poets archive.

Non-fiction: My essay / memoir "Ms. Seabourne, 1975" can be found under Personal Essays at Black Hearts Magazine, a sex-themed/erotica webzine, so an Adult Content Warning applies (nothing explicit in mine).

Ann Hite

My essay, "Tacky Yard Ornaments," has been published at the Birmingham Arts Journal. Lots of good work in this issue. Thanks to those on the Practice List, where this essay began.

Wayne Scheer

I have good news to report about two flashes, originally written with the Practice list.

Word Catalyst accepted a humor piece, "What Would Cliff Huxtable Do?" for their August issue. I want to thank Tom Mahony for the market information.

Also, my flash, "In a Blues Mood," is up at Burst Literary Ezine. For you (us) mercenaries out there, Burst pays $10 upon publication.

Thanks for the critiques that make my final product appear publishable.

Mona Leeson Vanek

"Rockford develops blogspot," a press release I wrote last month for our community, was published May 28, 2009 in the North Palouse Journal.

JoEllen Wollman, Washington State University Horizons Program Assistant, invited me to contribute to the Rockford, Washington Horizons Community Blog. The Northwest Area Foundation backs this project and others in an eight-state area including Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.

I made my first post today! The coach of Rockford's project also praised my post, and Wollman asked me if I'd agree to be a co-administrator later on.

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