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IWW Members' Publishing Successes

The 4th of July holiday certainly didn't deter many of our IWW members, including one who traveled three and one-half hours to take photos and gather information for a newsworthy story.

It's been an extraordinary week here at the Internet Writing Workshop, and once again we celebrate a number of publishing successes in all venues. Congratulations to this week's crew for some hard-earned Yahoos!


Barry Basden

"Nantucket" has been published in Frostwriting.

I'm not sure where this poem came from. Perhaps it was all this Texas heat....

Norman Cooper

I am excited to announce my third Yahoo since becoming a member of the Internet Writing Workshop in January of 2008.

Joyful! has selected my prose/short fiction piece, "The Way of the Rose," for their July edition. This is the second time they have published my work. Again, I would like to thank everyone on Practice-W and Prose-W lists for their help with this story.

Mira Desai

My story "Trital," which began as a fretful, tentative sub to the Fiction list - perhaps in 2007 - finds a place in the July issue of the Birmingham Arts Journal.

My first-time solo. Thank you, IWW.

Rebecca Gaffron

I have a new, old poem, "Lysander: an apology to my wife," up at Camroc Press Review. The editor there is great!!

Joe Hendrix

Cacoethes Publishing recently sent me a sample cover for my upcoming book, "Wally McWinkleBean and the Noodle Adventure," and while I wasn't that thrilled with their design, we also disagreed on the illustrations. Then I remembered I had a cousin in Omaha who is a very talented graphic artist. I contacted him and we worked out a deal for him to design the cover and do my illustrations. I sent them to my editor, and she went gaga over the cover.

You can go to my website to see the cover and the illustration.

Mel Jacob

Got to keep up with Wayne :) Won't have so many next month.

My book reviews in

"A Kiss in Time" by Alex Flinn

"Blood of Ambrose" by James Enge

"Eye of the Storm" (Posleen War) by John Ringo

"Ghost Ocean" by S.M. Peters

"The Affinity Bridge" by George Mann

"Wildfire: A Novel" by Sarah Micklem

My book reviews for

"Abracadaver" by Peter Lovesey

"Mystery of the Conjured Man" (Sherlock Holmes & the Baker St Irregular) by Tracy Mack & Michael Citrin

"The Frightened Man" by Kenneth Cameron

Ellen Lindquist

My flash fiction "Busride Stranger" was selected as one of 57 from 900 submissions in 21 countries and six continents in The Binnacle's Sixth Annual International Ultra-Short Competition. The Binnacle editors do a fabulous job (I was also an honoree in their 2007 contest so I know whereof I speak). Check them out--and also their cool book arts program. I'll post again when the piece goes online.

Second hooray: My short-short "Committing a Foe Paw" is up on Postcard Shorts.

Frances Mackay

This one really excites me. I'd been asked to write a page for The Flinders Whisper, a weekly communication that is distributed throughout Hughenden, Richmond, Prairie, Torrens Creek, Pentland and all rural properties in the three shires. The editor had heard of my newsletter by word of mouth so asked me to write the page to represent my area -- Torrens Creek.

My first submission was from last week's Practice exercise, "Nature." It works well as my intro and can be found on page 12.

My three poems are also now up on Pen Himalaya.

Tom Mahony

My story, "Release" is in the summer issue of The Rose and Thorn.

Victoria Mixon

My essay "Everything You Need to Know to Write a Novel, in 1,000 Words" will be one of the five guest posts on literary agent Nathan Bransford's blog next week.

Roger Poppen

My (rather long) short story, "Confession," is up at Amarillo Bay.

This is one of the first stories I wrote. It was rejected in several venues, but I kept tweaking and polishing and resubmitting and am pleased it got to the right place at the right time.

LC Russell

This is my first yahoo I've posted on the list and it's a little different; it took two of us to pull it off.

I traveled to the California State Capitol where some 200 physicians, clinic professionals and residents had gathered to protest health care cuts to Medi-Cal benefits. I took photos and spoke with a number of individuals, then sent my work to the News Café online newspaper where another writer added more details and posted the story on the paper's website.

It was a great collaborative effort -- kind of like the old days of journalism!

Rebeca Schiller

My review of Gerald Martin’s "Gabriel García Márquez: A Life" has been posted on Feminist Review.

Carole Sutton

May I be greedy and claim two Yahoos? :>)

The first one sees the publication of my second crime fiction novel, "And the Devil Laughed." Some of the older members of IWW may remember critiquing it under its working title "Draper's Wharf." Published by YouWriteOn last month, it is now available on Amazon (both US and UK), and B&N with others to follow. The book cover can be seen on Amazon.

Secondly, I was featured in Author's Spotlight on Goodreads this month in an online interview with Todd Fonseca, author of "The Time Cavern." (IWW gets a mention.)

Elizabeth Westmark

Yahoo times 2:

My prose poem, "A Bed for Drunken Robins," was published at Camroc Press Review on June 22.

My 150-word essay, "Glove," has been selected as an honoree in The Binnacle's Sixth Annual International Ultra-Short Competition to be published in late 2009 or early 2010.

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