Sunday, July 12, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues. Congratulations to this week's crew!


Barry Basden

My short "Sign of the Times" is up at Postcard Shorts.

Thanks to Alice Folkart for reminding me of this neat little venue. I see my story is in the good company of other IWW members.

Mark Budman

My radio interview is now available at Out of Bounds. You'll need Real Player (a free download) to listen to it.

My story "Lot's Wife" has just appeared in Mississippi Review. Thank you very much to everyone who critiqued it last year.

Jeannette Cezanne

My poem "Numbers" will appear in the forthcoming—wait for it—numbers-themed issue of Stimulus/Respond. Very strange little bit of serendipity: I'd finished the poem and had just titled it when I read about the upcoming theme. It felt Meant, somehow! And apparently it was.

Norman Cooper

Recently, I sent an email to my son's wrestling coach to ask if they needed help with managing the club's website. Since I have experience in this area and still have a little room on my plate, I offered my services.

The coach happened to click the link in my signature line (I've always wondered if anyone did this) and he found my wrestling blog devoted to my son. He liked the blog and not only agreed to let me have the website "job," but he offered me the job of the club's staff writer.

Naturally, I accepted. I guess I can add "freelance writer" to my resume now...

Alice Folkart

My very short and slightly odd story, "Better Safe than Sorry," is up at Postcard Shorts.

Marge Hamill

My essay "The Night on the Beach," about my family spending a night on Lake Michigan's beautiful beach in the early 30's, will appear in the July/August edition of Senior Perspectives, a West Michigan publication.

Kristen Howe

A few months ago I received a poetry acceptance from Short Poem regarding a submission sent last year. They apologized for the delay, but asked if "Lady Fern" was still available. I said yes. Now, a few months later, it's online.

Victoria Mixon

My essay, "Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Novel, in 1,000 Words" is up on Nathan Bransford's blog.

Tannice Pendegrass

I've just become the editor of Crawley Happy Times, an online newspaper for Crawley, Surrey (in the UK).

The newspaper's remit is to provide happy, positive news for the local people of Crawley. It's just starting up, but we're building up the content day by day.

I'm chuffed. :)

Randy Radic

My latest book review, "Republicanism and Anticlerical Nationalism in Spain" by Enrique A. Sanabria is up at Alvah's Books. Thanks to Rebeca for the book and the opportunity.

Bob Sanchez

Rebecca's Reads posted a nice review of "Getting Lucky" on their website and on Amazon, which I hope you'll check out.

Also, I read a bit of GL at an open mic event in Las Cruces last weekend--a throng of 10 people. Other performers included two luminaries of the local beat community acting out a short sketch by Alan Ginsburg. I'll bet not every city still has beatniks!

Anita Saran

At last I can share the broadcast of my story "City of Victory," narrated beautifully by the well-known Badria Timmimi for BBC Radio 4 in 2004. I posted a yahoo a while ago about my novella version of this story that was reviewed by Ann Hite. Enjoy!

Wayne Scheer

No new acceptances to report, but a few of my stories are up.

Two flashes from Revealing Moments, "It's Not That Funny" and "Spring Training," are up at Purdee Magazine. Purdee is odd in that it doesn't accept submissions. The editor contacted me, saying he had read my work, and asked if I'd send him a couple of stories from the book. I respond to flattery.

My only poem, "Cousin Harold," is up at Shine Journal. I wrote this one in response to an assignment on the Practice list. Incidentally, Shine now pays $5 for a poem or flash story.

My story, "Drinks with Friends," is up at Long Story Short. I join Ann Hite, who has an essay offering excellent writing advice, as well as her recipe for sweet tea.

My story, "Hemingway Be Damned," is one of the stories featured this week at Sniplits. Be aware it's an audio file and will cost you forty-eight cents to download it.

The good news is Sniplits seems to be staying afloat and plans to reopen for submissions sometime soon. This is important because they pay fairly well. Check the site for details.

Mona Leeson Vanek

As in most small American communities, word-of-mouth, posters around town and a local weekly newspaper are the only media serving rural folks. My tiny yahoo is part of my ongoing efforts to provide 'daily news' access for my small town of Rockford, WA. The Rockford, WA website just recently went online and will have multiple links to the Rockford Blog. I'm thrilled to have just posted the first of what I hope becomes a weekly calendar of events. I notified as many local VIPs as possible, too, including Rockford's mayor and the editor of the North Palouse Journal, the area's weekly newspaper.

The webmasters for Rockford's website have asked me to write the press releases and the blog posts. The website calendar links an RSS feed to my blogspot posts with more information on each event. I am amazed at the clever way they've created fast loading links to make it easy for people to access specifically what they're looking for.

Now begins my campaign not only to bring classes into Rockford to teach people how to make the best use of the website and blog, but also manage to somehow convince residents to attend and learn! Wish me luck. I'll appreciate all the helpful tips I can get, so toss 'em at me, please.

The town's population is more than 50% geriatric. And, probably fewer than 25% own computers and have access to the Internet. Rockford's Horizons Poverty Project (where I'm a volunteer leader) is addressing those needs.

Virginia Winters

My story, "Manhattan," is up at Postcard Shorts. It was critiqued on the Fiction site by several people. Thanks to all.

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