Monday, July 20, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

It's been another great week for Internet Writing Workshop members, who continue to find publishing success in all venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!


Barry Basden

"Tell Me One More Time" has been reprinted at Big Pulp.

They paid $5, less Paypal fees, in case you have any dysfunctional or violent pieces lying around.

Mark Budman

Flash Magazine (University of Chester in England) took two of my interconnected flashes that were critiqued here in 2008 by the title "Triptych." Now it will be called (guess what?) "Diptych."

Thank you everyone for critiquing it.

Norman Cooper

Postcard Shorts has published my short short story "Decision" on their website. It's a little yahoo, because they publish anything that is submitted, but a yahoo nonetheless.

The Dead Mule will publish my prose poem "The Light" in their October issue. This piece of prose began on Practice-W and continued to grow on the Prose-W list. This marks a second prose poem of mine published by The Dead Mule this year.

Fiction at Work will publish my flash fiction story "Fine Print" on October 26th issue. This story began on Practice-W and continued to grow on the Fiction-W list.

I will provide links to both when they become available.

It's been a very productive month for me where writing is concerned. Thanks to all who helped me with these stories. I couldn't have done it without you!

Mira Desai

"Forwarding Address," a translation of Pravinsinh Chavda’s Agalnu Sarnamu, is online at Pratilipi.

There is a certain fragility, a brittle incompleteness in this story about a father-daughter duo eking out an existence by the banks of a river.

Diane Faulkner

My latest article is up on in the Careers & Workplace category. Please take a peek. I'm the correspondent for Jacksonville, FL, but my pieces speak to a national audience., I think, is a great place for people like myself who've lost some confidence in one's ability to both come up with interesting and useful subjects as well as one's ability to write. This site has done wonders for me, and though it doesn't pay much, I've been able to put away enough to cover utilities & gasoline, and I've only been doing this for a week and a half. Plus, the commentary I receive from followers/readers has sparked more article ideas for me.

Many people poo-poo these sites as they do grossly monetarily undervalue the work, but I cannot begin to put a value on the confidence and drive this correspondent gig has spurred in me.


My review of "Faith of the Heart" by Sandy James was posted to Long and Short Reviews. Someone then also posted the review to Blog for Siren and BookStrand Authors.

Alice Folkart

My poem, "I thought I saw. . . " is the 10th entry in the current 7Beats a Second. If you scroll down (but not too fast, there's some good stuff in there), you'll find mine just after the large photo of a field of yellow and red flowers with a barbed-wire fence.

Hope you like it. Also note two poems by my fellow Hawaiian writer, 'Ilima Stern.

My review (and a lot of other very good and interesting ones) of "Isadora Duncan: A Graphic Biography" is up at the Internet Review of Books. Thank you Carter et al for the opportunity.

This deftly-illustrated 'comic-book' version of Duncan's adventures would make a super holiday or birthday present for anyone interested in weird and wild personalities and/or the history of Theater/Dance.

Rebecca Gaffron

I'm in good company with Karyn at 50 to 1, where my story "Mid-Thirties Crush" is posted.

Thanks to everyone for their helpful hints and encouragement.

Karyn Hall

"Impact" is up at 50 to 1. (Thanks Alice, for the site.)

My first book review, "Bufflehead Sisters" by Patricia Delois is up at The New Book Review.

And, my submission "The Painter" is up on Postcard Shorts.

Ann Hite

My new book review, "The Education of Harriet Hatfield" by May Sarton is up at the Internet Review of Books.

Kristen Howe

Last week, since I'm behind on my poetry submissions, I sent out a poem to The Poet's Art, a new poetry market that was featured in last year's issue of Poet's Market. My poem, "Homecoming," which had been revised, has been accepted. Due to a backlog of submissions until 12/09, it won't be published until 3/2011. There's no website, but I do get paid in a copy in two years.

Tom Mahony

My short story, "Thinking Man's Metal" is in the latest issue of Cantaraville.

Ally E. Peltier

A reprint of my article, "Author Platforms: Why Background Matters, and How to Get the Right One" appears in the July 19th issue of Funds for Writers. This first appeared last year in Writer's Digest and was also used in the 2009 Writer's Digest Guide to Literary Agents.

Randy Radic

My essay "Size Matters" is up on Kasanova Online Magazine. (Adult Content)

My review of "The Spanish Civil War" by Paul Preston is up at Alvah's Books. Thanks to Rebeca for the book and the opportunity.

Bob Sanchez

"When Pigs Fly" has a brand-new cover! The new cover design may be seen by visiting my blog.

It isn't on the market yet, though--that is probably a couple of weeks away. The new edition has a few minor edits as well, and because we got rid of several blank pages, the price even came down by a dollar! (I had no idea folks were having to pony up an extra buck for blank pages.)

Anita Saran

I just got accepted by Suite101 (a paying site) as one of their writers. So thrilled!

I will be writing on vegetarianism and, of course, about writing fiction.

Wayne Scheer

I join my fellow IWWers at Postcard Shorts with my flash, "The Next Move."

Also, a humorous flash, "Thanks, Dad," has been accepted at Cynic Magazine for their November issue.

Ghoti Magazine accepted my story, "The Affair," for an upcoming issue. I'm pleased because Ghoti is fairly selective. They accepted a story of mine almost three years ago and have rejected a good many since then.

"The Affair" was critiqued in Fiction a while back, so thanks to all of you who helped me improve the story.

My flash, "Trying to Be Good," is up at Camroc Press Review. This one began in Practice, so my usual appreciation goes to the Practice critters.

"Till Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown," is up at Flashes in the Dark. It's a recent attempt at horror.

Another one of my stories, "Not Ready," is featured this week at Sniplits. For 48 cents, you can hear the story read by a pro. Just so you know, I don't get the money. Sniplits paid me up front. They will soon be reopening for holiday, sports and historical romance stories. It's a kick hearing your story read aloud, so you might consider submitting stories to them.

And, finally, light humor. "Sister-in-Law" is up at Nights and Weekends.

Mona Leeson Vanek

North Palouse Journal, our local weekly newspaper, published my "Survey identifies need for official town Web site," as a guest editorial opinion piece on July 9, 2009. (No website.)

Rockford's website recently launched, and the webmasters provided links for the majority of what residents wanted. After seeing the revised version, the mayor asked me to provide the "Welcome" for the Home page. My heartfelt thanks to all who critiqued and helped spruce up my SUB, "Rockford's Opening Statement."

Also, note that the Home page links to the Rockford blog, where I provide information for weekly events. I also include a list of topics I'd like folks to know more about or think might be of interest to them.

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