Sunday, August 2, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

It's been another great week for Internet Writing Workshop members, who continue to find publishing success in all venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!


Barry Basden

Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) has published "Reynolds and Me." It's my fourth piece there. One more and I get the T-shirt, which I will wear proudly....

Thanks to all on the nonfiction list who helped with this one.

Two poems, "Lovesick" and "Flights Not Taken," are now up at Full of Crow.

...and if you squint, you can almost see someone there who's now long gone....

Jeannette Cezanne

The "Numbers" issue of Stimulus/Respond is now available online, with my poem -- also called "Numbers" -- in it.

Leslie Greenwood

My poem "Blueberries" is up at Eat Your Words: A Journal of Food Literature.

Deanna Hershiser

A guest blog post I wrote in January is up at Relief Journal.

Back then I had just joined IWW and I mentioned this group, as it was a post on critique groups. I'm still recommending you.

Kathy Highcove

I have published my August In Focus issue, the newsletter of my West Valley branch of the California Writers Club.

The issue announces that I recently received the Jack London Award from our group. The award is given in June to a member who has made a special contribution to the club. My contribution was learning how to edit the In Focus newsletter. It's been a challenge to learn the editing process, but I've had fun experimenting with design and format.

If you go to the above site, the first page announces the JL award, I'm interviewed on page 5, and contribute a story from the Practice List exercises on page 7.

Ann Hite

My book review of Lucille Griswold's "Life Lived in Reverse" is up at Feminist Review. Enjoy. I found this book inspiring.

Mel Jacob

I have the following book reviews up at SFRevu:

"The Dame" by R.A. Salvatore -- Book three of the Saga of the First King, the Highwayman must leave his wife and newborn to stop the ruthless heir of Honce.

"The Sword-Edged Blonde: An Eddie LaCrosse Novel" by Alex Bledsoe -- The first of the Eddie LaCrosse mysteries combining hard-edged noir mysteries with a mediaeval setting. Hip dialogue may be too much for some, but music for others as Eddie, a sword-jockey, seeks to uncover the truth about the alleged murder of the king's heir.

"Traitor to the Crown: The Patriot Witch" by C.C. Finlay, "Traitor to the Crown: A Spell for the Revolution" by C.C. Finlay, "Traitor to the Crown: The Demon Redcoat" by C.C. Finlay -- A trilogy set against the Revolutionary War in which American witches struggle against a European group of witches. The Americans aid the patriots and work to thwart the evil witches who support the British.

My book review at Gumshoe Review includes:

"The Merry Misogynist" by Colin Cotterill -- Set in 1978 Laos where the National Coroner, Dr. Siri struggles against inept police, a bumbling bureaucracy, and time to stop a serial killer who marries and kills young women.

Heidi Kenyon

After a long hiatus, I have a piece up at Camroc Press Review. Feels good to be back in the swing of things.

Tom Mahony

My short fiction collection, "Slow Entropy," was just published as an ebook by Thumbscrews Press. Have a look if you're interested.

Edith Parzefall

I'm happy to announce that my flash fiction "Euphoria" has been published by Camroc Press Review.

Gary Presley

"Elegy for Backseat Passion" is up at the Camroc Press Review.

When you ride in a van, you can look down into cars at stoplights; this piece spun an impressionist story out of an observation.

I'm also in the new issue of Kaleidoscope Magazine, a lit mag out of Ohio focusing on the disability experience. It has featured writers like André Dubus and John Hockenberry before working its way down the ladder to people like me.

And finally, I was asked to speak at meeting of the local writers guild on the subject of creative nonfiction. It was an interesting experience, with some members bringing up the old bugaboo of creative nonfiction being nonfiction frosted with fantasy and another member demanding I differentiate the genre from "faction." It was a paid gig, to my surprise, and I sold three books.

Anita Saran

My first article for, "Vegetarianism and its Effect on the Psyche," is featured on their Recommended list -- despite the fact that it underwent two revisions guided by my excellent editor. She really taught me the ropes about writing an unbiased article completely in third person. (They don't even allow 'we' and 'our'.) Check it out.

Wayne Scheer

My flash, "A Lucky Woman," joins Edith's "Euphoria" at Camroc Press Review. Mine was once a Practice exercise so my appreciation goes out to the Practice group.

My story, "The Affair," is up at Ghoti Magazine. This story began as a flash in Practice and when it grew to a more developed work, it was thoroughly critiqued in Fiction. So I have a lot of folks to thank.

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