Sunday, August 16, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!


Kristen Howe

Better late than never, my copy of Conceit Magazine came in the mail today. My experimental poem, "Immense Ourselves," was accepted last year and published this February, though I didn't win the contest. It's good to see my name in print once again.

Warren Jamison

The current issue (September) of The Writer has my article titled "A Joint Venture May be the Ticket; Partnering Up with an Expert Could be Your Path to Publication." It's on page 34, 35, and also on the cover.

Gary Presley

One of the things I most dislike about writing is publicizing myself in order to promote the stuff I write, but I grit my teeth and soldier on; here's an interview with about my book and the writing process.

Catherine Robinson

I finally wrote something I can show my parents: "How to Survive your Family Vacation" published in Hybrid Mom.

Also, Hybrid Mom hired me to write a humor column for their next four print editions. Look for them in a bookstore or newstand near you!

Loretta Carrico-Russell

My "Radio Spot on Rural Teen Issues: Isolation, Depression, Drug Abuse" is up at Food for Thought: a news café. This piece will also appear in the weekly newspaper northeast of us.

I had no idea there was so much going on in this tiny population where I live.

Anita Saran

The BBC broadcast of my story "City of Victory" is up at Associated Content, and my travelogue on Hampi is up, too. I wrote it while doing research for my novella "City of Victory."


Paul Stenquist

I have three more installments of my blog series for the New York Times now up on their website. They include:

Mona Leeson Vanek

Plans for celebrating the centennial of the Great 1910 Fire of Idaho, Montana and Washington -- when millions of acres of northwest forests burned -- are in full swing. The website is a wonderful historic resource.

C.R. Weare, one of the homesteaders I interviewed and featured in my book, "Behind These Mountains, Vol. 1," talked bitterly about Bourrdet (and others) burning to death. I made hours of oral history recordings. Newspaper details verify his recollections.

The Montana Sanders County Historical Society asked to use photographs from my book. Four of my historical photographs will be featured in their exhibits next year to celebrate the 1910 fire's centennial. "Behind These Mountains, Vol. 1" contains homesteader's recollections of that horrible time in their lives, and the four pictures are the only ones the curator said they have. It's fortunate I was allowed to copy them from the homesteaders' personal albums.

Also, my news article, "Candidate Forum Recap," was published August 12, 2009, on the Rockford, Washington Horizons Community Blog.

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