Monday, August 24, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members had an extraordinary week of publishing successes, including one member who claimed two top prizes in a national competition.

We lead off with a letter sent to member Paul Fein, and offer a hearty congratulations to him and all other workshop members who found success in a number of other venues.


Paul Fein

This morning I received this good news from the president of the United States Tennis Writers' Association:

Just wanted to let you know that you won two awards in the 10th Annual USTWA Writing Contest. They are both in the 'Service Story' category:

1st Place: "Ten Reasons Why Topspin is Essential on Clay"
2nd Place: "The Art of Anticipation"

Thanks for participating in the USTWA Writing Contest.

Our skillful and meticulous critiquers much improved these articles, and for that I am appreciative.

Barry Basden

Never underestimate the value of a good review. Someone from Australia recently posted a review of "Crack! And Thump" on Amazon, comparing it very favorably with Sledge's classic, "With the Old Breed." I'm not sure I can totally agree, but it's quite flattering and sales have spiked as a result.

BTW, the History Channel series featuring the book has been expanded, but unfortunately that has pushed it out to next winter. I've seen a rough cut of the first hour and it certainly takes the viewer back to the way things were just before World War II engulfed the globe.

I will of course post the date the series will be shown as soon as I have a date certain.

Thanks again to everyone on the nonfiction list who helped make this project so gratifying to me and especially to Captain Charles Scheffel, who just turned 90 and hopes to live to see himself in the film.

Despite what others have said, sometimes poetry is the last refuge. "Out of Time Blues" is up at The Poet's Haven.

If you are easily offended or believe in taboos, restraint, and censorship in writing, you probably won't want to read my microfiction piece, "Farm Boy," or many of the other pieces you'll find at Girls with Insurance.

Apparently their goal is to shock readers, so consider yourself warned.

Mark Budman

"Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field," to which I am one of the contributors, received a star review at Publishers Weekly.

Rebecca Gaffron

My first 6-sentence story, "Epitaph" is up at Six Sentences. Thanks to all the IWW writers who inspired this attempt with their own 6 lines.

Alan Girling

I have two poems, "Lust on the Bus" and "Me Drum 'n' Fife," in the Voyeurism issue of In My Bed Magazine, a themed, erotic and rather fun quarterly. Needless to say, my poems are fairly explicitly erotic, so be warned if you're curious. A .pdf subscription is free at the website. The upcoming theme is 'Obsession.' They accept poetry, fiction, essays, art and photography.

Leslie Greenwood

I just had my poem "Adolescence" accepted for the Fall 2009 edition of Flashquake.

Heidi Kenyon

I have two poems up in the new issue of Gloom Cupboard: "In High School Math Class" and "Hate is a Hard Stone," both of which were critted recently on the IWW Poetry list. Scroll down; I'm the sixth poet listed.

Thanks, everyone!

Eric Petersen

The Internet Review Of Books has published my essay, "From Dewey To Digital." The essay is about the evolution of libraries from the early days to online distribution of information.

Randy Radic

My review of Sarah Sarai's beautiful new book of poetry is up at Alvah's Books. Thanks to Sarah for the book and Rebeca for the opportunity.

My review of "Dream Room" is also up on Alvah's Books. Thanks again to Rebeca for the opportunity.

Just signed the contract with Headpress of the U.K. They will publish "Blood In, Blood Out: The Violent Empire of the Aryan Brotherhood" in 2010.

And hey, they sent me a bunch of Headpress T-shirts, too.

Loretta Carrico-Russell

"Montgomery Creek Volunteers Save School District $$$," a story I stumbled across while working on another story, is up at Food for Thought: a news café. It's appearing online and in a printed newspaper.

Anita Saran

I've been writer of the month for ages on Chillifreeze.

And, my Dull Short Story Writing Course is finally up on Chillifreeze.

My article on writing the short story is up on Suite101. Thanks to the critters on NFiction. And, I haven't had any revisions flagged for this one and the last one I wrote on Creativity and Suffering. Yaaay!

Also some travel articles on Hampi in Karnataka on Associated Content have begun to make waves. I have to thank Jamie K. Wilson for the leg up.

By the way, I also found a way of plugging my fiction through Associated Content. For example, I introduce my audio of "City of Victory" through travel guides on Hampi (the story is set in 16th century Hampi) and I sneaked in a chapter of my first novel "Circe" -- soon to be released by Mojocastle Press -- through an article, "The People Behind the 2012 Prophecy." The chapter is about Circe in the land of the Maya.

Wayne Scheer

I just found out that a silly poem I wrote for Practice is up at New Verse News. Since I don't usually write poetry (you'll see why if you read it), I want to brag on this one.

The poem is listed by title, not author, so you have to click on "Divine Order."

Paul Stenquist

My eighth and final Dream Cruise blog is up on the New York Times website. All eight appear there in reverse order.

Number five, "A Life Together..." ran in the city edition of the paper last Sunday.

Joanna M. Weston

Two poems, "The Leap" and "In Tuscany" are up at 7beats Here and Now.

Scroll down to below Allen Itz's "Crackpots of the world unite."

Many thanks to the Poetry List.

Virginia Winters

My story, "Morning, Again" is now up on Six Sentences.

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