Monday, September 14, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

It's been another great week for Internet Writing Workshop members, who've continued to find publishing success in all venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!


Loretta Carrico-Russell

My article "The Will to Live, The Strength to Change: Overcoming a Death Sentence," was published on 09/08 on Food for Thought: a news café and apparently received more than 100 responses, according to those who saw it when it came out.

Pam Casto

I have an article in Rose Metal Press Field Guide To Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field (Tara Masih, Editor. Brookline, MA: Rose Metal Press, 2009). That's not my news, however. But what feels like big YAHOOs in my world is collecting reviews on the collection. They've been so positive.

The collection got a *starred* rating at Publisher's Weekly Online and that was very thrilling, of course. And other reviews have been exciting as well. See review snips below, or click on the links to read the full reviews.

Snip from Everyday Fiction:
A useful, intelligent addition to the discussion of flash fiction, Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction manages to give readers what they want to know about flash fiction without limiting the genre with "strict definitions." Read the Full Review

Snip from Fiction Writers Review (Sophie Powell):
...As Pamelyn Casto, one of the thought-provoking, inspiring contributors, puts it: "Flash fiction is difficult if not impossible to define--and should be allowed to remain so--because this type of writing is protean. It takes on various shapes and uses different strategies to achieve its goals." This is why this collection is so successful, and so essential, to anyone in the field of short fiction who teaches, writes, and is interested in its history and practice." Read the Full Review

Snip from review at Per Contra ( Miriam Kotzin):
"Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction is destined to be a best seller. It's a valuable resource not only for writers and teachers of creative writing, but for readers who want to deepen their understanding of this popular form." Read the Full Review

Snip from review at Flash Fiction Online (Jake Friewald):
Inside are twenty-five essays. You couldn't ask for better contributors: They are editors who define the genre, prize-winning writers, and educators, with each contributor fitting into more than one of these categories. Every essay ends with an exercise and a story that illustrates the exercise. Read the Full Review

Deanna Hershiser

I received an acceptance from joyful! for a flash fiction piece titled "Grandma's Sermon" to be published online in January. I hadn't had this critiqued in its current form, but the crew at NFiction have continued helping me learn to shape a story. Thanks so much.

Ann Hite

I just received my copy of the Christmas anthology, Christmas Traditions, where my story, "Believing in Magic" appears. The book is due in all major bookstores October 18th.

This story is particularly poignant to me. In families where mental illness strikes a parent, confusion abounds. Some memories are terrible, some are horrific, and then out of the blue you have a wonderful memory. This story documents one of the few wonderful memories I have with my mother. I learned an important lesson from the writing this story. All people are placed in your life for a reason.

Here's a review I did for Feminist Review on a little book called My Dad is My Hero. I really loved reviewing this book. Enjoy.

Ellen Kombiyil

My 9/11 poem "Smoke," critiqued quite some time back here on Poetry-W, is up at the New Verse News. Thanks to all those who critiqued it -- your comments always help navigate my editing process. Because this poem is a very personal one for me (I was living in NYC at the time), I had to let it sit before I could gain enough distance from it to work on it.

Sheila Pierson

Thanks to everyone on the Fiction list who critiqued my story "Steak and Potatoes." It is now up at Every Day Fiction.

I am very excited about this and am grateful to all who helped me get it right. By the way, I have had to sign off the Fiction list temporarily but cannot wait to return and participate again soon. Thank you all so much!

Randy Radic

Two of my reviews are up at Alvah's Books. Thanks to Rebeca for the opportunity.

Anita Saran

"Conflict -- The Heart of the Short Story," just up on Suite101, was critiqued on the nfiction list. Thanks all!

Also up on Suite101 -- "Analysing David Ogilvy's Rolls Royce Ad."

On Associated Content, I have "A letter from David Ogilvy to me and mine to him." Notice my perkiness! But this was 1991.

Also at Associated Content is "Little known facts about David Ogilvy" (from an office newsletter I used to edit called 'Oh Dee aar!' when I was in Ogilvy & Mather Direct).

Wayne Scheer

Long Story Short has accepted my story, "Those Eyes," for their December issue. The story began as a Practice exercise.

Also, thanks to Ann Hite for mentioning my essay in the My Dad Is My Hero anthology, which she just reviewed for Feminist Review.

Rebeca Schiller

My review of Amy Foster's When Autumn Leaves appeared in ForeWord Review's Sept/October issue.

Ruth Zavitz

My short story, "The Good Life," has just been published in Canadian Stories Anthology # III. My work also appeared in the first two. No money, just glory.

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