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IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members head into Fall with another round of publishing successes. Congratulations to this week's crew!


Barry Basden

There is an interesting and fun U.K. site, For Every Year, that's putting up a story for every year starting with 1400. They are in the early 1500s now. My story speculates on an event of "May 1506."

Black-Listed Magazine, with an almost instant acceptance, has published "Texas Tornado."

I owe it to that necklace, to Gary Presley's perfect piece, and to holding down Texas barstools for lo these many years.

Florence Cardinal

After a long absence, I'm back at Suite101 with my article, "Saving the Whooping Cranes."

Also up at the Suite: The Secret and Memories of New Orleans

Stacey Dye

My work is up on two sites. Odd it happened this way...  Cafe del Soul has "Oh, Dandelion" (thanks Barry B. for the suggestion!), and Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) has an older version (not my final as it's been a while since I submitted it) of "Concession Feast."

Special thanks to everyone who helped me work on these and fine tune them.

Rebecca Gaffron

I have a 50-word short called "History Repeats" in the latest issue of 50 to 1. I'm beginning to quite enjoy playing with the 50 word stories.

My poem "Leaving" was accepted and posted at Camroc Press Review. Thanks Barry!

Another piece, a short fiction called "The Martyr's Daughter," is up at Full of Crow. Thanks to the folks at fiction who critted this one months ago.

Dawn Goldsmith

Okay, I admit that it has been quite a while since I wrote newspaper type articles. My first article on Suite 101, "American Trash: Hopeful Optimism leaves Room for Improved Waste Management," is up and it felt good to see I can still do it.

Deanna Hershiser

Today I received a surprising, nifty email from Keith Abbott, a writer who lived in San Francisco and knew Richard Brautigan from the mid-sixties on. Here's what he said:

Dear Deanna Hershiser,

A friend, Poet Pat Nolan, forwarded your blog ["A Discovered Legacy" at Camroc Press Review] to me, re Brautigan and your grandmother, Edna. I enjoyed it very much, re the information and your reaction to Brautigan's connection to your family. I had the privilege of meeting her and your father at the San Francisco reading, where we all talked out our Richard stories. My memoir, Downstream, is back in print this month, as a revised and expanded edition with Erik Weber's photographic album of Brautigan. I attach a cover and my Astrophil Press interview FYI.

It is interesting that you became a writer, too. Perhaps your grandmother's tenacity in holding onto the Brautigan poems and stories showed you how much writing matters to people across the spectrum.

Keith Abbott

Thanks, critters and Camroc Press, for helping me connect this way. It'll help in my ongoing research and writing.

Ann Hite

My story, "Quell The Voices," is available as a podcast episode on The Shadowcast Audio Anthology. You can play or download from iTunes,, and

I love the reading. Jason did a beautiful job of editing, producing, and reading this story. Please check it out and subscribe to his podcast on iTunes.

Mel Jacob

My latest book reviews:

Bloody Good by Georgia Evans, Kensington Paperback; ISBN/ITEM#: 9780758234810 -- Set in England, in World War II, Bloody Good follows Alice, Doyle (a Devon Pixie), her beau Peter Watson, and four Nazi vampires.

Bloody Awful by Georgia Evans, Kensington Paperback; ISBN/ITEM#: 9780758234827 -- Bloody Awful continues the story of Nazi vampire saboteurs; Gloria Prewit, District Nurse and werefox, and Andrew Barron, supervisor of the hush-hush munitions factory near the village lead the fight.

Bloody Right by Georgia Evans, Kensington Paperback; ISBN/ITEM#: 9780758234834 -- Georgia Evans focuses on Mary LaPrioux, schoolteacher and Water Sprite, and Gryffth Pendragon, a war hero who lost a leg in Norway and a Welsh dragon batter Nazi vampires.

The Healing Wars, Book One: The Shifter by Janice Hardy, Balzer + Bray, Hardcover; ISBN/ITEM#: 9780061747045 -- Janice Hardy's debut novel features the adventures of Nya, a teen-age Taker who can shift pain to herself from the injured and heal them, but can't destroy the pain.

The Mermaid's Madness (Princess Novels) by Jim C. Hines, DAW; Paperback; ISBN/ITEM#: 9780756405830 -- Jim Hines continues his new series of re-interpreted fairy tales, The Mermaid's Madness, features three princesses: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty (Talia), and Cinderella (Danielle) as they struggle to save the life of Queen Beatrice after the mad mermaid Lirea stabs her and steals her soul.

And at Gumshoe Review:
Arctic Chill: A Thriller (Reykjavik Thriller) by Arnaldur Indridason, Minotaur Books Hardcover ISBN/ITEM#: 9780312381035 -- Dark and cold as an Icelandic winter, Indriđason's Arctic Chill features Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson of the Reykjavik Police as he investigates the death of a young half-Thai boy and animosity of native Icelanders.

Deep Down by Karen Harper, Mira Mass Market Paperback; ISBN/ITEM#: 9780778326458 -- Set in the Kentucky Appalachian hill country, the novel follows Jessica Lockwood as she seeks the murder of her mother.

Dipped, Stripped, and Dead (A Daring Finds Mystery) by Elise Hyatt, Berkley Paperback; ISBN/ITEM#: 9780425230787 -- Furniture salvager and refinisher, Dyce Dare, discovers a gelatinous corpse and her troubles grow.

I Scream, You Scream: A Mystery Á La Mode by Wendy Lyn Watson. Wendy Watson takes the mystery reader on a hilarious wild Texas stampede in I Scream, You Scream, when ice cream maven Tally Jones tries to catch a murderer.

Sink Trap (A Georgiana Neverall Mystery) by Christy Evans, Berkley Paperback; ISBN/ITEM#: 9780425230794 -- Apprentice plumber Georgiana Neverall finds a distinctive brooch in a drain and that leads her to find a murder victim.

Also, Gumshoe Review is now accepting short mysteries 1000 words or less.

Tom Mahony

My short story, "Thirty Percent" is up at decomP:

Gary Presley

People around the 'Net have been asking me for guest blog posts, and here is one on the site Ramblings of a Texas Housewife that addresses an issue I am always interested in: the place of people with disabilities in society.

Randy Radic

My essay on the execution of Caryl Chessman is up at Crime Magazine. My thanks to Pat O'Connor, who is the editor of the magazine. Not only is he a gentleman and a wonderful writer in his own right, but he's one heck of an editor.

My review of What Comes Naturally is up at Basil and Spice. Thanks to Cassie for the book and to Kelly for the opportunity.

My review of Predators and Child Molesters is up at Basil & Spice. Thanks to Jill for the book and Kelly for the opportunity.

Catherine Robinson

I reviewed Michael Moore's new movie for Creative Loafing in Tampa and they made it the cover story.

I'm also going on the local CBS affiliate this morning (Channel 10 from 10-11 for those in or around Tampa) to discuss it.

Bob Sanchez

Dawn Goldsmith was kind enough to invite me to be a guest blogger on Observations, and the post is up. Thanks, Dawn!

Writing Raw ( published my flash fiction, "Nothing That Needed Eyes." Available in PDF format here.

I'd be pleased if you'd check it out.

Anita Saran

My new articles on Suite101:

Writing Dialogue - critted on nfiction -- thanks to all!

Direct Response - A Sales Letter for Campari

Promotional Brochures For Direct Mail Package

NOTE: the titles are Search Engine Optimised and not much fun to read at times but that's how it is!

More on Suite -- this one yet to send to nfiction: Six Common Errors Writers Make

And this one to send too soon: Writing Stories - Point of View

And a couple on Associated Content:

Spirituality - the power of transformation

Farm Story - hilarious true tale about a rooster

The Yin and Yang of the New Feminism

Wayne Scheer

I get by with a little help from my friends....

Thanks to Barry Basden, I have a story up at Camroc Press Review, "The Old Neighborhood." This story began in Practice.

Also, thanks to Barry's recent Yahoo about Calliope Nerve, I had "A Modern Fable," also written for Practice, accepted for a future issue.

Ann Hite's recent Yahoo clued me into Dew on the Kudzu, and they accepted my flash, "Summertime Ain't No Time to Sing About," for their Oct 20 issue.

Ken*Again accepted my humor piece, "The Story of My Life," for their next issue. This one began in Practice and the expanded version was critiqued in Fiction.

So thanks to all, especially Barry and Ann.

My story, "Blind Woman at a Nude Beach," has been accepted at Falling Star Magazine, a print publication. It's been accepted for their Summer issue due out in the Fall (?)  I've published here before and, despite the editor's strange publication schedule, he keeps writers informed of the status of their submissions and sends copies of the magazine, as well as a small payment, promptly.

The Lotus Reader has accepted my story, "Visiting Mama," which is now up.

Finally, thanks to a recent Ann Hite Yahoo, I found out about ShadowCast, a site that records stories and makes them available on their site. They accepted, "Annabelle." A recording date hasn't been set yet, but I look forward to hearing my story.

Kevin Vorshak

I just found out that my short story, "A New Start," has been accepted by Ethereal Tales for their anniversary issue coming out at the end of October. The magazine pays in contributors copies.

I also recently learned that another short story of mine, "Unsportsmanlike Conduct," was published back in March in the Volume 1, Issue 3 Forever Nocturne e-zine.

I wrote both these pieces for contests as a member of Writers Cafe. Oddly enough, I'd submitted Unsportsmanlike Conduct to a contest on Writers Cafe that was put out by Forever Nocturne and that's how it was accepted.

Joanna M. Weston

I have a poem up at the Gloom Cupboard. Click on 'Continue reading' under the names of the poets on the left and then scroll down.

I'm delighted that my six sentences of rant are up at Six Sentences. And, I have to add, a woman in Victoria B.C. Canada really is being sued for doing this! Laugh or cry.

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