Monday, October 12, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!



Barry Basden

My 50-worder, "Names of the Dead," is up at 50 to 1.

Jeannette Cezanne

My poem, "Provincetown Spring," is on page 37 of the Birmingham Arts Journal.

Two poems are at Full of Crow -- "Answers" and "What I Didn't Know."

Karna Converse

I received the first shipment of Running With Nick a couple of days ago and we've already shipped the 204 books that were pre-ordered!

Running With Nick is a selection of 85 blog entires that Nick Huber posted during his fight with ALS. When he passed away, a group of his friends decided to publish this book in his honor. He started blogging only after ALS forced him to "retire" from his career as a univeristy sports information director. He wrote about sports, his health, and the need for a national ALS registry. Many of the entries celebrated life and emphasized the importance of living each day to the fullest -- that philosophy is why we published it.

You can read Ann's (his wife) comments on the Nick Ann Street blog, and if you scroll down to the end of her post, you can click on the order form. I encourage you to do so, just so you can see the cover. The graphic designer in our group did a wonderful job. And, if you'd like to read a sampling of the work, try this link. It's one of my favorite entries.

Nick would have turned 30 on Oct. 8. Last year, on this day, President Bush signed Senate Bill 1382, The ALS Registry Act.

Norman Cooper

My prose poem "The Light" is now online at The Dead Mule.

In lieu of a biography, my Southern Legitimacy Statement can be found here.

Also, I recently signed up with a freelance writing site called After a long wait, I finally found out that I was approved. The site editors rate the initial submission based on a 5 point scale. Good writers are evaluated with an average of 3 stars. Excellent writers receive an average of 4 stars. Only professional writers receive the maximum of 5 stars. You can increase your rating by the quality of your submissions to the site.

My initial submission won me 4 stars!

Stacey Dye

I have a piece up at 50 to 1, a fun little flash fiction site ... am keeping good company with Barry B., whose piece is incredible. In my case, I think I have a created a new's flash non-fiction! (A little memorial to my dad.)

Tim Elhajj

On Sunday, Oct. 25 at 5:00 p.m., novelist Matt Briggs and I will appear at the Seattle Book Fest where we'll present Would I Lie? The Nonfiction Flash/Micro-memoir, a reading and discussion. Cost to attend is $5.00. The “nonfiction flash” or “micro-memoir” is the personal essay that is under 1,500 words.

If you're in the Seattle area at the end of October, stop by and say hello! The Seattle Book Fest will be held at the Columbia City Event Center at 3528 S. Ferdinand in Seattle.

Sue Ellis

My story "Good Intentions" is up at Calliope Nerve.

This story was written in Practice a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for all the helpful comments.

Dawn Goldsmith

My yahoos are more about self esteem today than money or fame. First, my article for Suite 101 concerning North Face Inc.'s lawsuits scooped the competition. Only the local newspaper had carried the story of North Face vs. Little Jimmy when I wrote about it. Now, ABC and other networks are running with it. I feel like a reporter again! Feels good!

Then, my Subversive Stitchers blog was not only mentioned on another blog by a woman who moderates a large community of stitchers online, but she also wrote a whole blog about my blog!

Tom Mahony

My story, "Friday Night, 12 April" is up at Foundling Review.

Sarah Morgan

My dark little poem, "Guaro," is up at the Camroc Press Review, because sometimes we see things in life and are compelled to write about them, no matter how brief the encounter or the writing.

Thank you to Barry B. for being you, and for continuing your great venue for writers, CPR.

Randy Radic

My review of High On Arrival is up at Basil & Spice. Thanks to Jennifer for the book and Kelly for the opportunity, and Mackenzie Phillips for a wonderfully honest book.

My review of The Creed of Violence is up at Basil & Spice. Thanks to Tiffany Lee for the book and Kelly for the opportunity.

My review of Sin: A History is up at Alvah's Books. Thanks to Robert Pranzatelli for the book and Rebeca for the opportunity.

My review of Incarnadine is up at Basil & Spice. Thanks to Margot for the book and Kelly for the opportunity.

My review of Oceans of Wine is up at Basil & Spice. Thanks to Jessica for the book, and Kelly for the opportunity.

My review of Blood and Politics is up at Alvah's Books. Thanks to Rebeca for the opportunity.

Lesli Richardson

My book, Cross Country Chaos, which went through the Novels-L list and came out earlier this year as an ebook with Siren-BookStrand is now in print!

I also have three of my Tymber Dalton books through Siren-BookStrand in print (more in ebook) but they' *cough* really racy.

Wayne Scheer

One of my favorite places for flash, Shine Journal, accepted, "Saying Goodbye," which began life not too long ago as a Practice exercise. The story is scheduled for February 2010. The editor offers $5, but her enthusiasm and flattery are priceless.

Another flash from Practice, "Last Meal," is up at Black-listed Magazine. Thanks to Barry Basden for his yahoo on this one. This site is great for those in need of instant gratification. The story went from submission to acceptance to publication in two days.

You can now hear my creepy story, "Annabelle," at ShadowPress, complete with music. Jason does a fine job of reading it, capturing the whiny evil of the narrator.

A direct link to the file may be found here.

Paul Stenquist

I have an article and sidebar in Sunday's New York Times and on their website.

Joanna M. Weston

I have two poems up at Full of Crow. Many thanks to the Poetry List for their support and help.

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