Monday, November 2, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

It's been another terrific week for Internet Writing Workshop members, who continue to find publishing success in many genres and venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!


Barry Basden

After a wait of six months from acceptance to appearance, I have three poems now at Pemmican, a site that caters to social and political commentary.

Thanks to those who helped with the two short poems when they were 55-worders. The longer one, "Old Scores," began life as a rant--based, I like to think, on truth--and morphed into a fantasy based only on partial truth at best. But it sure felt good at the time...

Norman Cooper

I have joined other esteemed IWW members such as Wayne Sheer by seeing my work published on Fiction At Work.

As usual, thanks to all at the Practice-W, Fiction and Prose-P groups for their help fine tuning this story.

Stacey Dye

My poem "A Fine Line" is up at Dew on the Kudzu.

It was a challenge winner some time ago on another site where I workshop. The challenge was to write a poem in your own vernacular that describes an instance where you may have acted a bit out of line at a family gathering...I unfortunately had a story from many moons ago!

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.

Alice Folkart

Bob Sanchez and I appear as guest writers in the current edition of In Focus, the Newsletter of the West Valley Branch of the California Writers Club, edited by Kathy Highcove. My essay (originally written for Practice a year ago) "Thanksgiving with Grandma Pearl," appears right next to Bob's charming memoir on page 11 (you'll have to scroll down to that page). I'm honored to be in such good company.

Mel Jacob

My latest book reviews at SFRevu:

A Young Man Without Magic by Lawrence Watt-Evans
Acclaimed and prolific author Lawrence Watt-Evans begins a new fantasy series with A Young Man Without Magic, a coming of age fantasy or at least growth into political activism novel.

Ascendant Sun (The Saga of the Skolian Empire) by Catherine Asaro
The tale of a hero facing overwhelming odds to survive and free his disintegrating empire.

A detective noir set in a fantasy quasi-Middle Ages setting, continues the saga of sword jockey Eddie LaCrosse.

Diving into the Wreck by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Science fiction novel, focuses on a business of locating and mapping derelict space ships.

Wings of Creation (The Silver Ship) by Brenda Cooper
A war threatens the Five Planets, and Chelo Lee and her brother Joseph try to stop it on a planet where modified humans fly.

Book reviews at Gumshoe Review:

All the Wrong Moves (A Samantha Spade Mystery) by Merline Lovelace Berkley
An Air Force lieutenant investigates a murder in the Nevada desert during testing of advanced technology applications. Humor abounds.

In Korea during the Seventies, Sergeants George Sueño and Ernie Bascom, members of the Criminal Investigation Division of the 8th Army, investigate a twenty-year-old mystery over the disappearance of a young sergeant and find the oversexed, underage daughter of a colonel.

Tom Mahony

My short story, "Castles," is up at Bartleby-Snopes.

Gary Presley

It's always good to have a little ditty appreciated by a good writer who is also a good editor. A flash piece I wrote based on ... well, I don't know: the glimpse of an actress in a movie, a conversation overhead, a dream ... is up at Camroc Press Review.

Randy Radic

My commentary on Where The Wild Things Are is up at Basil and Spice. Thanks to Kelly.

My review of Life After 187 is up at Alvah's Books. Thanks to Wade for the book and to Rebeca for the opportunity.

Bob Sanchez

A short Thanksgiving essay of mine has just appeared in the newsletter of The California Writers's Club (West Valley Branch), thanks to their editor, Kathy Highcove. You'll need to scroll down to page 11 of the PDF, where I am honored to have space next to Alice Folkart's essay.

Please check it out -- you get two for the price of one!

Wayne Scheer

I have a story up at Apollo's Lyre, "Overcoming Debbie Gilroy."

Everyday Fiction is planning a print edition and wants to include two of my stories, "Growing Up" and "Starting Over."

Sniplits is back. They bought my holiday story, "Christmas at the Post Office."

Rebeca Schiller

My article on stained glass artist Joseph Cavalieri appeared today online in HAND/EYE Magazine.

I have another article slated for the pub and hope to have more in the near future.

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