Sunday, November 8, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues, including works appearing on both stage and screen.

It's been a productive week with some exceptional announcements, and a hearty congratulations goes out to all for these well deserved successes.


Barry Basden

WWII IN HD, a 10-part color series will be shown on the History Channel on 15-19 November 2009. The series will tell how the war unfolded around twelve people, including Captain Charles Scheffel, the subject of CRACK! AND THUMP, a book I wrote based on my interviews with him.

View the trailer and learn more about the series.

Thanks to all, especially Diane Diekman, whose frank and expert critique of an early draft helped make this such a gratifying project.

Charlie, who turned 90 in June, was recently honored at the WWII museum in New Orleans. He is one of the many citizen-soldiers who helped save the world from tyranny. But he would be the first to tell you he is no hero, that he was just trying to do his job and survive in the difficult circumstances thrust upon his generation.

We owe them all so much. I'm glad I could tell at least one of their stories.

Also, Long Story Short has published "Patrolling Afghanistan," a microfiction piece.

Though I'm only one degree of separation from a loved one serving there, this is fiction, but just barely....

We're a long way from WWII.

Jeannette Cezanne

My new short play, "Mama's Boy," will be part of the Fall Playwrights' Festival at the Provincetown Theater in Provincetown, MA, starting this weekend.

Mama's Boy is a timely story about a middle-aged gay couple dealing with the sudden responsibility of caring for aging and ill parents.

Dawn Goldsmith

Editor of 50 to 1, Glenn Binger wrote a guest blog that is now up at Observations. I know it's a popular market with IWW fiction writers, so maybe you'll find it interesting. I was pleased to have him.

Thanks to everyone who suggested online jobs. They are out there, and I actually got one! Here's the announcement:

Wooden Horse Publishing is very proud to introduce our four new news editors:

Shelagh McNally of Pincourt, QC, Canada
Dawn Goldsmith of Oviedo, FL
Jamie Engle of Richardson, TX
Linda McMaken of Waynesville, OH

We are delighted to have these very talented and experienced writers in our stable and are looking forward to provide an even better coverage of the publishing industry for all of you.

Plus: I finally earned enough from Suite 101 to receive my first paycheck. They pay in $10 increments. Six weeks for $10. Maybe a little better than what I earn on my investment CDs. :)

And, my Subversive Stitchers blog continues to grow, attracting more followers and getting more guest blogs from experts and legends in the field. I'm proud of this endeavor. It earns about the same as my investment CDs. :)

Ann Hite

Sullivan Maxx, the literary agency that represents my first two novels, Beautiful Wreck and Ghost on Black Mountain, has a new look. Check out my page. They sure do make me sound and look good.

Also check out Jeanie's page. She has been my agent since May of this year. We are a perfect fit. She believes in my work and is very accessible. She is continually bringing opportunities my way.

I know they are accepting new clients in women's and literary fiction. Check out their guidelines.

Kathleen Jordan

The Shine Journal just accepted another one of my flash memoir pieces, "No Way Home," for their February issue.

Thanks to those on the Nfiction list for their help with this--assuming they're still around! I subbed it there a long time ago now. It's been traveling around looking for a home for some time.

Joanna M. Weston

My short story, "Every witch way," is published in On Spec, Fall 2009, print edition.

Many thanks indeed to the Fiction critters for their help a year or so ago. I'm truly so pleased about this!

I also have four poems, all celebrating my mother, in Qwerty, the print journal published by the Dept. of English at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.

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