Monday, November 16, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues. Congratulations to this week's crew!


Barry Basden

My flash piece, "Texas Summer," is up at Weirdyear.

This is fiction. No real animals were harmed. Also, the weather is fine here now.

Peggy Duffy

I have a featured story, "A Temporary Measure," on Sniplits this week.

Also received an acceptance for "Two Sides of the Same Old Story" in the 32.4 issue of Room magazine, which began as a Practice piece.

Memoirs of Meanness has come out, and has one of my stories as well, also a result of a Practice exercise.

Stacey Dye

I'm up in 50 to 1.

If you haven't submitted to them yet, I highly suggest you try it. It's quite addictive and lots of fun. You can be dramatic, funny, ironic, or even autobiographical...the sky is the limit!

Sue Ellis

A story written for Practice, "Curve Ball," is up at Long Story Short.

It's in the micro-fiction section right after Barry's story. I'm honored to be on the same page.

Thanks so much for the helpful critiques.

Ann Hite

My story, "Blackberry Winter," from a story collection in-progress, Daniel Cemetery Stores, was accepted for publication with Mused. The editor had this to say.

"We have received a large number of amazing submissions for this issue and the selection process was very challenging. Your entry stood out as a high quality creation. Kudos for a job well done."

This gives me encouragement because these stories are set in a new place with a slightly different voice. Whenever I try something new, I get nervous.

The story will appear in their Winter Solstice issue.

My book review of A Year Of Cats And Dogs has been published by Internet Review of Books. I so love working with the editors.

Carter Jefferson

Mostly I've written erudite (I hope) book reviews during the past two years. The trouble with that is you have to read the books carefully, which takes time, and then a good review is no cinch to write. But I miss writing other things, so when a few of you started posting yahoos for 50-word stories, I finally decided to give it a try.

Success! My 37-word memoir "Horticulture" is up at 50 to 1. Scroll down to almost the bottom.

Tom Mahony

I have two stories, "Sitka Spruce" and "Smell of the Sea" up in the latest Foliate Oak.

My faction piece "Fall at Dusk" (intended for a surfing audience, but perhaps it's relatable to a general audience) is up at Kurungabaa.

Judith Quaempts

My flash fiction piece, "An Absence of Light," was accepted at Shadowpress and is there now in print and podcast.

Thanks to the fiction list for their helpful critiques of this. I'm honored to appear in company with fellow IWW members, Ann Hite and Wayne Scheer. I agree with them that editor Jason Warden is a great guy to work with, responsive and professional. I had a reply in under a week and it went up on Saturday.

My second yahoo is for a poem and I'm thanking another IWW member, Barry Basden (Editor, Camroc Press Review), for this piece of luck. "Sacrifice" has been accepted by Pemmican and will appear in February. After reading Barry's work there - in particular "A Year on the Rez," I thought maybe this poem would have a chance and was thrilled when I got an acceptance.

Randy Radic

A review of my book, Gone to Hell: True Crimes of America's Clergy, is up at Blog Critics. They liked it!

My review of The Sartorialist is up at Alvah's Books. Thanks to Sonya for the book and to Rebeca for the opportunity.

My blog/article on Rastafarianism is up at Basil and Spice, along with my review of the Sony Aino phone. Thanks to Kelly for the opportunity.

Lesli Richardson

Three of my books have made it to the EPIC finals. Two of those books have been, at least in part, put through the Novels-L list:

Out of the Darkness (writing as Lesli Richardson, Lyrical Press) - Novels-L alum
Cross Country Chaos (writing as Lesli Richardson, Siren-BookStrand) - Novels-L alum
The Reluctant Dom (writing as Tymber Dalton, Lyrical Press)

The winners will be announced at the annual conference in New Orleans next March. I'm so excited!

I just wanted to say thank you again to the staff and fellow members of the IWW for making this such a great resource! I always tell newbie writers who ask for advice to make this their first stop. (Actually I tell everyone that...)

Wayne Scheer

A comic flash I wrote for Practice a while back is up at Cynic Online Magazine.

I'm happy to report that two flashes begun in Practice have been accepted.

"Patriotic Duty, 1942," is up at Camroc Press Review.

And Foundling Review has accepted, "Drinking Alone," for a future issue.

Virginia Winters

My story, "The Birthday Present," will be published in the Winter edition of Thanks to everyone who critiqued it.

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