Monday, November 30, 2009

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continually demonstrate how workshop efforts contribute to publishing success, and no better example exists than Gary Presley's full page essay in Sunday's New York Times.

Gary -- a longtime IWW member and now co-owner -- is a touchstone to many and a workshop cornerstone whose commitment to excellence in writing is rivaled only by his hands-on approach in helping fellow members become the best they can be.

In a week marked by giving thanks, we at the IWW would like to thank Gary for his tireless efforts and congratulate him -- as well as the following members -- for a week of hard earned and well deserved publishing successes.


Gary Presley

An essay I've worked on for about a year, paring it down, down, down, found a home in the NEW YORK TIMES "Modern Love" column this week.

Barry Basden

Thirteen Myna Birds is a unique little venue. New entries appear at the top and progress down the site until they drop off into oblivion, much like life its own self.

My three poems, "Erections," "TB Blues" and "His Kind of Woman" now appear at the head of the list of the current thirteen.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Stacey Dye

My poem "Country Pictorial" was up at Dew on the Kudzu on Thanksgiving Day. It was inspired by a trip my sister Sunny and I took one late fall day driving the rural black tops of South Georgia.

I had forgotten how wonderful it could be and all the things there were to see and to be cherished.

Hope you'll take the time to take a peek when you can!

Diane Faulkner

I just signed a contract to ghostwrite a memoir! Yea! It's my second ghostwriting gig, but first memoir.

Alice Folkart

My poem, "My Immortality - 1947" has placed first in the Inter-board Poetry Competition (IBPC) for November 2009.

To be considered, work must be nominated by one's peers. It is then judged by an IBPC judge, a recognized poet.  I've never made it past Honorable Mention and that was several years ago. I'm still surprised.

Be sure to take a look at the 2nd, 3rd and HM poems, too.

The forum in which I participate is called the House of 30, on Blueline. I've been submitting a poem a day (30 in a set) for at least five years. It's a wonderful practice and discipline, and you end up with a body of work to work on.

And, my one-liner is up at 50-to-1. Just scroll down a couple of pieces, and there I'll be. But, don't go too fast. The other work is really entertaining.

50-1 is open for submissions, and Sam (editor) said he'd love to see more work from the IWW.

Alan Girling

I've got a poem featured today in Ink, Sweat and Tears called 'to talk less'.

Ann Hite

My review for Dreaming In Hindi has been published by Feminist Review. Enjoy.

Randy Radic

My review of Alcatraz: The Gangster Years is up at Basil and Spice. Thanks to the kind people at the University of California Press for the book and to Kelly of Basil and Spice for the opportunity.

My blog/article about the Vatican going hi-tech is up at Basil and Spice. Thanks to Kelly for the opportunity.

Wayne Scheer

This is beyond surprise for me. My poem, "Cousin Harold," was nominated by Shine Journal for a Pushcart Prize.  That makes three nominations this year!

The poem can be found in the July issue of Shine.

Every Day Fiction accepted my humor piece, "The Naked City," for a future issue.

Clive Warner

I'm really proud to announce the release of Citiria's first EBook, Alien Seeding, by Perry Defiore.

Illustration is by a San Francisco artist, and it was a real pleasure to work with someone so talented. I did the font work and wrote the blurb and publisher's note.

Virginia Winters

My novel Murderous Roots is available in ebook format at Write Words Inc.

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