Monday, January 11, 2010

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members are off to a great start this year with a number of publishing successes in different venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!



Barry Basden

Big Pulp, which pays a little, has published my poem, "The Boy Next Door."

Starts out hormonal, but innocent enough...viewer discretion...

My one-sentence story, "Booze, Bands, Saturday Night," is up at Monkey Bicycle.

You'll have to scroll past lots of fine little stories to get to mine. I advise a slow scroll because they're lots more fun than parlor games.

Jan Bridgeford-Smith

My story, "Details," is currently up on WeirdYear.

Thanks to Kathy Highcove for her editor's eye on this one. And a big thanks to all the writers on the Practice List for their comments on the exercise that led to the story!

Eileen Elkinson

I have two stories coming up in Dew on the Kudzu on January 15, and another story in Writing Raw, also on the 15th. These are happy days.

Rebecca Gaffron

I have a flash piece up at Ink Sweat and Tears. Seems like a nice way to start 2010, so thanks again to everyone here for all the help and support.

Deanna Hershiser

My short fiction piece, "Grandma's Sermon" is up at joyful! online.

Scroll down the page to the last story. I'm grateful to get to test fictional waters once again.

Patricia Johnson

Three of my poems and a prose piece are up at Dead Mule. These four pieces were critiqued in poetry-w a while ago, so many thanks to the group.

The poetry editor, Helen Losse, is a joy to work with. In order to submit to the journal you need to complete a Southern Legitimacy Statement, which is much more fun than a dreary bio.

Rebecca Kellogg

I'm so thrilled to share that I've been published in Appleseeds -- a Social Studies mag published by the group behind Cricket magazine. My piece is on city transportation!

Tom Mahony

My micro, "Health Kick," is up at Boston Literary Magazine.

My flash story, "Fistful of Aspirin," is up at Foundling Review.

Randy Radic

My review of Mary Ruth Borg's new book is up at Basil and Spice. Thanks to Mary for the book and Kelly for the opportunity.

My short article/blog about 2012 is up at Basil and Spice.

Bob Sanchez

My poem, "Storm," appeared in Lunarosity.

Lunarosity is published online by a professor here in New Mexico.

Anita Saran

Finally, after a wait of almost one and one-half years, my first novel Circe has been released by Mojocastle Press.

It's my first novel -- a very funny fantasy -- a hilarious romp through the myths both ancient and contemporary. I love the cover art, too.

Sarah Savage

My 50 words, "Hiking the Appalachian Trail," is up at 50 to 1.
Thank you to Glen for posting it and starting my new year off right.

Wayne Scheer

My story, "A Family Matter," is up at Big Pulp. Thanks to the folks at Fiction for helping me with this one.

And my flash, "The Drive to Succeed," which began in Practice a long while ago, is up at Powder Burn Flash.

Pat St. Pierre

My photo of Marye's Heights is in the January issue of Southern Women's Review on page 89.

Thanks for everyone's critiques.

Another photo of mine, "December Snowfall," has been published in Touch: The Journal of Healing.

Virginia Winters

My fifty words, titled "Canadian Autumn," is up at 50 to 1. Many thanks to Sam and Glen.


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