Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues, and this week we lead off with two members seeing their first published fiction!

Congratulations to this week's crew!



John Raff

My fifty-word story "Drive Home" will be used in the 50 to 1 issue due out today.

This is my very first piece of published fiction and I am seriously jazzed.

William Ward

My story "Ghost Story" was accepted by 50 to 1 for next Christmas season. (Was too late for Christmas '09.)

Thanks to all who critiqued the story. It is my first fiction publication and wouldn't have happened without you. Thanks.

Ann Hite

The synopsis, query letter, and first three chapters of my novel were submitted to one of the big boy publishers in New York - one of those I can dream anyway, publishers. They bit today and requested the whole manuscript.

The managing editor said she loved the first three chapters and was anxious to read all of it. Understand I am under no illusion that this is close to a done deal, but I do find it encouraging to receive such a quick positive response. No matter what happens this gives me more fuel to move forward with the pursuit of novel publication. So now I have a medium size New York publisher and a GREAT big publisher interested.

Barry Basden

An even shorter, 140-character, tweet version of an earlier story, now called "Dancing in the Dark" is up at PicFic.

The format's a little off, but that can happen if you text while driving.

"Orange County," "My Old Flame," and "No Guarantees," three short poems, are up at Rusty Truck.

Celestine Stoltenberg

I've got another piece up in 50 to 1!

You'll find "Flirting with Perfection" right after a great first-liner by Wayne Scheer.

Jack Shakely

My review of Dan Hurley's incredible medical nonfiction, "Diabetes Rising," is up in the current issue of ForeWord Reviews.

Jackie Arnett

My review of all versions of an all time favourite book of mine, Nora Roberts' Northern Lights, is up at Sherry Gloag's Heart of Romance blog.

Jan Bridgeford-Smith

My piece, "Cleansings," is now up at Every Day Fiction.

A big shout-out to the Practice list for critting this piece and to Kathy Highcove for her keen eye. I think I put this out before but now it's really there!

Rebecca Gaffron

My story "Flying Blind" has been included in the first print edition of Six Sentences, The 6S Review.

Yet again thanks for all the help and support!

Sue Ellis

My article, "Memories of a rural mail carrier," is up at the Christian Science Monitor.

I'm also up temporarily at Pen 10 Scribes.

Thanks so much, Practice, for helping me smooth the bumps out of this one a couple of weeks ago. The editor intends to include it in an anthology of ten-sentence stories. Submission guidelines are simple, and she's very nice. The books will be for sale at Amazon. No pay, but a tiny piece of fame.

Tom Mahony

My flash, "Unconstrained" is up at LitNImage.

Wayne Scheer

"The Telephone Call," is up at Left Hand Waving.

Tomlit has accepted two of my works. They plan to publish my story, "Doing Right," in their print venue, and a flash, "Is Love Enough?" online.

The editors of both of these publications are enthusiastic and offer personal comments on stories. I'd advise checking out both markets for flashes and longer fiction.

"The Shop of Little Horrors," a flash I wrote for Practice years ago, has found a home at Apollo's Lyre. It's set for their February issue.

And a piece I wrote just a few weeks ago with the Practice group, "A Fool Proof Plan," has been accepted at Fiction at Work and is scheduled for June 6.

My "1st line" is up at Fifty to 1.

MiCrow, the flash supplement for Full of Crow, (I like that), has accepted my flash, "A Good Deed," written for Practice. The editor says it will be up later this month.


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