Monday, February 15, 2010

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members have proven again this week that publishing success may be found in many venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!



Amanda Borenstadt

My "1st line" is up at 50 to 1.

The great and fabulous Jason Warden over at ShadowCast just let me know that my story, "Letty" will be up on Feb. 26th. It'll be read by T.C. Parmelee. I'm so honored. She's an actual voice-over actress.

Ann Hite

Yesterday, a major--as in the big boys--publishing company spent a long time on the phone with my agent. This is the same publishing company who asked for the complete manuscript of Ghost On Black Mountain a week ago. Two editors have read my book and they wanted to know if I had more work to go along with it. They wanted to see my novel in-progress. They are 'getting their ducks in a row' to go before the board. They want badly to publish Ghost On Black Mountain.

This is far from a done deal, but it validates my dream. The saga continues. I will keep everyone up to date.

Catherine Robinson

My column for the Tampa Tribune, "Essentially, getting older isn't for wimps," is now online.

My latest at Creative Loafing, "Colorado Springs: What happens to a city when religion trumps government" is also up.

Celestine Stoltenberg

My "Miss Communication" is up at 50-to-1. I love this rag.

Gary Presley

My short article, "Critiquing Coffee And Donuts - Online Critique Groups" is up at Selling Books: Your guide to writing, publishing and marketing books and ebooks.

Harriet Wilcox

My poem "Dirt Sandwich" is up at Camroc Press Review.

Jason Warden

My short story "Once Seen," which came through the fiction list around the middle of last year, has been accepted by Triskaideka Books for their Masters of Horror Anthology. Thanks to all who gave suggestions. This is my first personal publishing achievement in which I'm on the writing side. It will be available later in the year on Amazon, B&N, and as an E-book, and Kindle.

Jeannette Cezanne

On Friday night at a very elegant awards ceremony I became the "best original playwright" in the professional category for the NH Theatre Awards for my play "The Pact." Yahoo indeed.

Jody Ewing

My interview with the Muscatine Journal, titled "Iowa woman casts a wide net to catch criminals: Web site helps keep Iowa cold cases alive," is now posted on the Journal's website.

Kathleen Jordan

My very short flash, "No Way Home," subbed on NFICTION and yahooed previously, is now up at The Shine Journal.

The story is about an abandoned, sightless and paint-defiled Walker Hound dog my husband and I rescued from an empty tobacco field.

Randy Radic

My review of Insides She Swallowed is up at Basil and Spice.

Thanks to Amanda for the book and Kelly for publishing the review.

Rebeca Schiller

For the crafters/knitters among us you might be interested in my latest Hand/Eye Magazine article on "Wool and the Gang."

Sue Ellis

Thanks to fine critiques in Practice, "Blue Blood" has been accepted at Whortleberry Press.

It's a strange little mystery about a new bride who begins to suspect her husband is an alien. Thanks also to Wayne Scheer for the link to their submission guidelines. The editor pays ten dollars for short stories between 2000 and 4000 words. I was able to squeak by with a little under 1400.

Wayne Scheer

My story, "Doing Penance," made the top ten cut from 186 submissions to the On the Premises writing contest. However, I just got word that it didn't make the cut for cash prizes (I think they went to the top 5), but it will get a thorough critique, which is something.

Sniplits lists my story, "Not Ready," as a Feature Story. This means you can download an audio file of it for only 48 cents. (Which is the regular price.) They've already paid me for the story, so I make nothing more, but I hope Sniplits stays alive. They pay well, and it's a kick hearing your story read by a professional. They plan on opening for submissions again soon and they promise a new, increased pay scale.

"A New Song," written with the Practice group, has been accepted at Eclectic Flash for their April issue.

My story, "The Return of Jack Monday," versions of which I've written and rewritten hundreds of times, has been accepted at Birmingham Arts Journal. It's a creative nonfiction piece about my father-in-law, a fiction writer's dream.

"Is Love Enough," a flash written with the Practice group, is up at Tomlit.

In the editor's newsletter announcing the publication's new edition, the editor wrote the following about my flash:
Yes, it is true. It has been about a month since the last issue came out so we thought you might need some more great fiction to keep you going until the next one. We have just published a short story by Wayne Scheer called 'Is Love Enough?' over at I've been a fan of Wayne's work since reading his great short story collection 'Revealing Moments,' and when he sent us in a submission I was very excited. Wayne sent in a story called 'Doing Right,' which will be featured in the next issue of the quarterly [as well as] the flash piece mentioned above. So if you head over to the site now you can read Is Love Enough? and if you like it, come back here and follow the link to his e-book Revealing Moments and read that too. Enjoy.

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