Monday, March 1, 2010

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!



Joanna M. Weston

I have two poems up at Ink Sweat and Tears, and one haiku up at Gean Tree Press. Scroll down and look for "Winter Solstice." Cheers!

Rebeca Schiller

This is what happens when you have a small staff; you end up writing the majority of the articles. Hopefully that will all change. We're talking to two magazine consultants and a magazine distributor for Barnes and Noble and Borders. More subscriptions mean more cash, more print issues and hopefully a growing staff.

I don't know whether I want my limelight taken away or not, but this week in Hand/Eye Magazine we did a museum issue covering five museums that have ongoing textile exhibits. My specific articles are "Rhythm and Hues," "Kantha Anthology," and "Fisch Out of Water."

Wayne Scheer

Death Head Grin has accepted two stories of mine. "Being Watched" is set for May publication and "Till Human Voices Wake Us," for June. Both of these stories began on the Practice list.

Lunarosity will publish my flash, "Nighttime Whispers," in their March issue. Thanks to Bob Sanchez for reminding me about Lunarosity.

Anita Saran

My first novel Circe has been reviewed at Suite 101.

It should be out in print this spring and will be available as paperback on Amazon as well as at Under the Moon.

Bob Sanchez

I'm a guest blogger today over at Mystery Writing is Murder, where I comment about the revision process. Please go take a look and leave a comment there!

Catherine Robinson

I have a column up at The Tampa Tribune.

A slightly tame version of that hot topic, high speed rail, is at Creative Loafing.

And also for Creative Loafing, just when I started missing hate mail.

Tom Mahony

My story, "Butts-Up" is in the new issue of Lowestoft Chronicle.

Mel Jacob

My book reviews for and Gumshoe Review:


Bone and Jewel Creatures by Elizabeth Bear

A charming fantasy novella by award-winning Elizabeth Bear, Bone and Jewel Creatures portrays an Arabian Nights tale of wizards, their creations, and a wild child raised by jackals.

Dragon Keeper: Volume One of the Rain Wilds Chronicles, by Robin Hobb

The Dragon Keeper traces the lives of the dragons and the people with whom they interact.

Gardens of the Sun by Paul McAuley

Acclaimed author Paul McAuley continues his tour of the outer solar system begun in The Quiet War in his sequel, Gardens of the Sun, this time reaching to Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. Personalities from the first novel continue here.

Spellwright by Blake Charlton

Blake Charlton creates an interesting fantasy adventure in his debut novel Spellwright using many traditional fantasy types, pitting good against evil and developing a magic system sure to surprise and delight readers.

At Gumshoe Review:

The Fourth Assassin: An Omar Yussef Mystery by Matt Beynon Rees

In his fourth Omar Yussef mystery, aptly titled The Fourth Assassin, Matt Beynon Rees brings Palestinian teacher and scholar Omar Yussef Sirhan to a U.N. conference in New York where he stumbles on a headless corpse he at first believes is his son.

Dawn Goldsmith

I heard from a favorite editor who has changed jobs and called me to offer an on-going gig writing for her at a decent pay.

Rebecca Gaffron

I have a new piece, "Somewhere Inside" posted at Camroc Press today and another one, "webcam celebrity; film and upload" forthcoming at Dogzplot. Both Barrys are excellent editors and both are a total pleasure to work with.

Florence Cardinal

I have the following articles up this week:

"Aurora Borealis" for Helium.

"Obesity, Your Heart and Sleep," at Health Central.

Barry Basden

Metazen has published my microfiction piece, "Out of the Frying Pan."

Metazen is also looking for input to a 52-flash ebook they're working on that will showcase male and female perspectives on 26 words, one for each letter in the alphabet. I found nothing in their guidelines about this project, but you can email the editor for particulars and a list of words still available.

My super short, "Beginning Years of Solitude," is live at 50 to 1.

My flash, "50th Reunion," is live at Short, Fast, and Deadly. Read down to it. Won't take long.

When I subbed this piece to the nonfiction list last year, it was the "70th." Goes to show...fiction can make you younger.


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