Sunday, March 21, 2010

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members have sprung into spring with a number of publishing successes in all venues. Congratulations to all on your terrific work!



Barry Basden

My microfiction piece, "So Nice by the Fire," is live at Zygote in My Coffee. If you're thinking about exploring that site, viewer discretion is advised.

Leaf Garden Press has published my poem, "Dream Houses," in Leaf Garden #8, a lovely print issue. A PDF version of the poem is available on their website.

My very short story, "Domestic Particulars at the House on Ivandell," is up at LitSnack. I have no idea where they got the illustration, but it's lovely and haunting.

Jan Bridgeford-Smith

My story "Mane Event," is now up on Moon Drenched Fables. A big thanks to all the critters on the Practice List.

Florence Cardinal

I have the following new articles up at Health Central:

And up at Helium:

"Living with Domestic Violence and Alcoholism," which was critiqued on the prose list some time ago.

Karna Converse

I just accepted a position (volunteer) as one of two blog editors for Literary Mama. I'm excited about it because it offers me the opportunity to learn about blogging without committing to a personal blogsite, and it's about a subject that's near and dear to my heart: family. I just did a trial run with Moveable Type and am amazed at how easy it is. This is going to be a lot of fun and a great new challenge!

Stacey Dye

I have two poems up in "Mused" at BellaOnline. This is their spring equinox edition.

One, "Bread," was an answer to a challenge I did at another site and came out pretty decent. The other, "Numb," was inspired in part by the tragedy in Haiti and just life in general.

Thanks to all in Poetry who helped me with these. You'll find the photography in this journal is standout as well. When it's all together in the print edition, it's really nice.

As always, I am grateful to you all and hope if you have time, you enjoy the read. There is a "mystery IWWer" published with me as well... look for them! Great work!

Sue Ellis

The spring issue of Ken*Again is online. My story, "Thunderstruck," is there. I don't know where the editor came up with the artwork for the story, but it's fun and appropriate. Thank you, Practice, for encouragement on the original idea.

I also have a short review of The Broken Teaglass at The Internet Review of Books this month. I'm proud to be a small part of this useful publication.

Thomas Fultz

I have my first story, "Relativity," published on the Mule.

Karyn Hall

I've received word that a publisher is offering me a contract for my first nonfiction book. Yes!

Ann Hite

My favorite book review magazine, Internet Review of Books, published my review of Small Kingdoms and Shadow Tag. Check out the other reviews, too.

Kathleen Jordan

Just received word my story "The Lottery," which was critiqued in Fiction, will be published in the April edition of The Dead Mule Society. The editor's nice e-mail said, "This story is fit for the dead, The Dead Mule Society that is. Welcome to the Mule!"

Liza Larregui

Weirdyear has just accepted a piece of mine to be published on their site April 10th. This is my first ever acceptance and I'm so excited!

Weirdyear has also accepted another one of my pieces entitled "The Accident," to be posted on April 17th.

My piece, "The Birth," will be live on Flashes in the Dark on March 22nd.

Tom Mahony

My 50-word story, "Creep" is up at 50 to 1.

My story, "The Cave" is up at Diddledog.

My flash story, "Clouds" is up at LabLit.

Eric Petersen

My review of Uncorking the Past is up at the Internet Review of Books.

Randy Radic

My review of The Essence of Perfum is up at Basil and Spice.

Catherine Robinson

I have three recent columns up at Creative Loafing.

Monideepa Sahu

My short story, "A Royal Tour," which was workshopped here long ago, is included in an anthology of 22 stories by writers from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Writers like Aamer Hussain, who are included in that anthology, have been shortlisted for this year's Commonwealth Prize. The book's title is The New Anthem; The Subcontinent in its Own Words, edited by Bangladeshi writer Ahmede Hussain.

Another CNF piece that was workshopped here as "White," is included in Chicken Soup for the Indian Spiritual Soul.

Thanks to all the wonderful list moderators and writers who make this one of the best sites for writers on the web.

Anita Saran

I have an interview in Working Writers and Bloggers, where I also mention the IWW. It's about my recently published first novel Circe and offers a peek into my life.

Sarah Savage

About ten years ago I wrote a poem about a couple of vehicles I owned. Although I no longer have either of them, I'm happy that the truck is memorialized in "Blue Dodge Ram," which is up at Ink, Sweat and Tears.

Rebeca Schiller

A few weeks ago, I was told I got a promotion for Hand/Eye Magazine. From associate editor, I've jumped to online editor. You can see it on the magazine's masthead.

Celestine Stoltenberg

My essay, "Growing in Circles," is now up on the Internet Review of Books. Thank you, Carter.

Jason Warden

My short story "Once Seen," which came through the Fiction list last year, was selected for the Masters of Horror Anthology. I'm pleased to tell you all the digital version went on sale on March 12th and is available through Smashwords. The print version comes out the last week of April. Thanks to all who gave critiques and suggestions.


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