Monday, March 29, 2010

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

While publishing success may feel elusive to many struggling writers, those in the Internet Writing Workshop witness every day ideas being molded, stories and articles transformed and dreams realized. It's all part of belonging to a community where every voice matters and every work in progress read, critiqued and polished until it can't help but shine in one of many venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew for some amazing accomplishments and hard won publication victories.



Anita Saran

A second review of my first novel Circe is up on Suite101.

Loretta Russell

This newspaper article in the Mountain Echo is a David v. Goliath story about a small hamlet community taking on the county, and winning so far. The pay wasn't much, but helping out the community was more than worth it.

Catherine Robinson

My piece in Creative Loafing is about efforts to ban Running with Scissors in Hillsborough County Schools here in Tampa. It will run in the print version next week. Thanks for all the support!

Judith Quaempts

Editor Jason Warden posted my short fiction, "Insurrection," at ShadowPress on March 19.

I really liked the reader, Amy Tapia. I thought she did a great job.

Gary Presley

A piece I've written more than once without getting it entirely right appears in Action Magazine. It's titled, "The Part That Kept Me from Screaming."

Sarah Morgan

My short poem, "Facebook," is up at Camroc Press Review. Browse around the site. There is some truly wonderful writing there.

Thanks, Barry, for all you do.

Brian Minnick

I certainly never thought I would have the honor of being published at 23. Four of my poems (including "I am a complex city" (which I thank all who helped me edit it), are to be published in the forthcoming issue of Cyclamens and Swords.

Tom Mahony

My flash, "Handyman" is up at Bartleby Snopes.

Liza Larregui

My story, "The House on Halloween," has been accepted for publication in the Twisted Dreams Magazine print edition (I believe being released in June).

This is very exciting for me as it will be the first time I see my name in old fashioned print form.

I also found out this week that starting April 2, I will have a weekly spot on A new installment of my series, "Tales of the Reluctant Fangpire," will be posted every Friday. The first installment is already up on the site.

Thanks everyone!

Ann Hite

Here are my last book reviews for Feminist Review, from which I have resigned as a reviewer.

Creating a Life by Corbin Lewars

The Bride Of E by Mary Jo Bang

I will continue to review for the Internet Review of Books because the editors there are my all time favorites. I had to make some choices due to my book deal.

Greg Gunther

My wife Randi wrote Relationship Saboteurs, Overcoming the Ten Behaviors That Undermine Love, and I critiqued and proofed it. It is due for release June 3 from New Harbinger Publications.

Out site is now up at

We're very proud.

Dawn Goldsmith

I learned today that my Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles blog has been named one of 55 top read fabric art blogs according to Quilters Home Magazine.

Alan Girling

A new poem of mine is featured at Blue Skies Poetry, called "Vancouver City Sirens."

Rebecca Coleman

I'm still in shock.... but I've made it to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest Quarterfinals with my book, The Kingdom of Childhood.

I've never entered a writing contest before -- ever -- and this was big, scary, high-stakes for me. I was thrilled just to make it to the second round and was trying not to think about how much I wanted this, so to get to the quarterfinals is.... whoooa.

This list has done amazing things for me as a writer, and the constructive criticism I have received here has made all the difference in the world. Thanks so much to all who have critiqued my work in the past and to the admins who keep it all organized, professional, and on an even keel.

With thanks and best wishes to all!

Florence Cardinal

My article "Time for a Siesta?" is up at Health Central.

Mark Budman

My story "Before the Storm" that was critiqued here was just accepted for publication by the Southeast Review, a magazine published by Florida State University’s Creative Writing Program.

Many thanks to Evi, Matt, Wayne, Judith, Mel, Sue and Ritz. I hope I didn't overlook anyone else.

Barry Basden

My poem, "Moment," is in nice company in Issue #11 of Drown in My Own Fears, a quiet little paean to sorrow.


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