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IWW Members' Publishing Successes

September has been an extra busy month for Internet Writing Workshop members, who continue to find publishing success in all venues.

Congratulations to this week's crew!



Barry Basden

My poem, "Slow-mo," is now up at Clutching at Straws. Thanks to all who helped with an earlier version.

My poem, "Spring in Wartime," is now up at Emprise Review.

The Molotov Cocktail has published a dark piece, "The Next Side Road."

Thanks to Ruth D~, Gary, and others for their special efforts to fix the trouble it caused last year.

My tweet story, "Birds Flush," is now up at Textofiction.

Peter Bernhardt

My novel, The Stasi File, is now available on Kindle.

I've been invited to give a speech on German-American Day to the German American Society of Tulsa (GAST). The occasion will give me the opportunity to promote my book, since that's a perfect readership for it.

In addition, the general manager of the Arizona Opera has enthusiastically agreed to offer The Stasi File: Opera and Espionage - A Deadly Combination for sale at the opera gift shop, and also has invited me to do an author's signing during the performance of Carmen in November, which is the opera featured prominently in my novel.

Amanda Borenstadt

My short story, "Just a Shell Game," is up at Joyful!

Jan Bridgeford-Smith

My story, "Makeover," will be published by Apollo's Lyre toward the end of October.  It was a great experience to work with Jim Harrington, Apollo's editor.

Thanks to the Practice list folks for their insightful comments and ideas on this piece.

My story, "An Urchin's Tale, is now up at The Battered Suitcase."

As ever, thanks to everyone on the Practice list for your critiques, comments, encouragement and suggestions.

Mark Budman

BLIP magazine (published by the former editorial staff of Mississippi Review) has accepted my flash fiction story "Courage Under Fire."

In their article "Fiction in a Flash!" Psychology Today listed my website, Vestal Review, as a recommended website specializing in flash fiction.

Florence Cardinal

My article "Old and New Insomnia Remedies - Part Two," is up at Health Central.

Loretta Carrico-Russell

My article, "Will Kristy Lunbery's attorney do her right?" has been published in the Mountain Echo newspaper.

This story is about a mother of three convicted of murdering her then husband Charlie Bateson. The Los Angeles Times ran an extensive piece about this case being used as an example of bad interrogation practices.

Pam Casto

Flash fiction got a nice recommendation at the Psychology Today (Magazine) web site.  Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction was mentioned (I have an article in this collection) as was Flash Fiction Flash (my newsletter).

The article is by two well-known literary agents, Evan Marshall and Martha Jewett, on trends in book publishing, and the article discusses flash fiction at length.

Karna Converse

I'm excited about a new project I started over at Literary Mama. I'm writing a weekly prompt that (I hope) will encourage those who like to write about parenting/mothering/raising a family to write about it. In a typical month, I'll generate three "For Your Journal" prompts of my own plus one that will relate to the current month's essay chosen by the Literary Reflections department. I've posted two so far (and am aiming for Tuesday posts).

Sue Ellis

I'm in the latest, and perhaps last issue of Flashquake.

You can go to their main page and read about the hiatus and possible end of this good, paying market.

Thanks to all those at Fiction who helped me with this non-fiction story. It began life as "Blood." I changed the title to "The Fledgling" and revised a few other things, too, after great critiques.

I'm up in the September 16th issue of Cynic Magazine. Thanks to Fiction for their feedback on this one.

In the new release of The Internet Review of Books, I have a fiction review of The Sisters from Hardscrabble Bay, a book I liked very much, and a brief review of The Dead Janitor's Club, which I didn't like. I poked around a little, and there are some great reviews there, as usual.

Sherry Gloag

My debut novel, The Brat, is now available at Amazon.

Ann Hite

My Black Mountain Story, "A Discarded Spell," is up at Poor MoJo's Almanac. This is one of my favorite Black Mountain Stories.

Mel Jacob

I have the following book reviews up at and


How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe: A Novel by Charles Yu


The Crocodile's Last Embrace: A Jade del Cameron Mystery by Suzanne Arruda

The Paramour's Daughter: A Maggie MacGowen Mystery by Wendy Hornsby

Frances Mackay

I"ve just received word that my poem 'Evolution?' is up on Nature Writing with a new quote about poetry's power.

My editor for The Flinder's Whisper has just notified me that readers are asking for a reprint of my article on "How to avoid spam." She plans to reprint in the New Year.

And, I've just been paid for a couple of my poetry books that the tourists buy.

Tom Mahony

My flash, "Tesh" is up at Jersey Devil Press.

My novel, Imperfect Solitude, is set for release on December 1.

My essay, "March of the Dirt People" is up at LabLit.

And, my story, "Thirst" is in the new issue of Eclectic Flash.

Roger Poppen

My flash piece, "Twilight of the Idols," is up at Poor Mojo's Almanac(k).

Thanks to the Practice list, where this started as an exercise on a literal interpretation of a saying. I'm pleased to be accompanied in this issue by Wayne Scheer.

My short story, "C.S.A.," is up at Hennen's Observer. Thanks to the folks at Fiction who critted this a while ago.

Jacquelynn Rasmenia Massoud

The Shine Journal has published my flash piece, "Eye Patch" in their September issue.  Thank you so much to everyone on the Practice list where this one started.

My flash piece, "Don't Bother" has been published in the September issue of Eclectic Flash.

This one originated on the Practice list. Thank you so much to everyone there who helped me out with it.

Catherine Robinson

Creative Loafing in Tampa announced the winners of its annual Best of the Bay Readers' Poll and I won Best Blogger and Best Contributor. I was runner-up for Best Local Columnist, Best Personality to Follow on Twitter (OILF) and Best Local Troublemaker.

Anita Saran

The book trailer for my first novel, Circe, is now up at YouTube. Thanks to the feedback I received from our old friend Mike Duron, I edited the chapter excerpts.

Also on YouTube is my story, "City of Victory," on BBC Radio 4 broadcast in 2004.

An excerpt of the Author Chat, to which I invited by as guest author, is available on their website.

Wayne Scheer

A flash, "Redemption," is up at Poor Mojo's Almanac(k).  It's listed as a rant.  Our own Roger Poppen has a wonderful fiction piece in the  same issue.

Clever Magazine has accepted a humorous essay about my gardening obsession, "Gardener's Anonymous," for a future issue.

My 100 word flash, "Warning Signs," which originally began as a Practice piece, was one of this past month's winners of NeCon E-Books monthly flash contest.  The winning stories will be included in a book at the end of the year.  If you'd like to read my story and/or enter next month's contest, visit the NeCon Books website.

I have two stories up at Joyful!, "What the Moon Sees" and "Grandpa's Little Girl." I'm particularly happy to see "Little Girl" in print. I wrote it when my granddaughter, now ten, was six month's old. I recently found it, revised it with a new ending and subbed it to Practice for a critiquing. To read the stories you have to scroll down to the bottom of  the page.

Daily Love has accepted two flashes begun in Practice, "The Butterfly" and "For the Love of a Woman."  They're scheduled for October 15 and 16.  They print a love story a day. Daily Love is associated with Weird Year, where a number of IWW writers have published.  When you sub to one, they ask if you'd like your story to be considered for their other publications as well.

Jason Warden

My story "Scorned" won the DeadTimesOnline short story contest. It will be in print next month for their Halloween/Premier issue.

You can read it at before then if you wish.

Virginia Winters

My latest novel, The Facepainter Murders, has just been published. It is available on the publisher's website at and on

Ruth Zavitz

My short article "Wooden Apples" has just been published by print magazine Daytripping and a longer version is scheduled for the winter issue of Country Connection, also print.


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