Monday, September 27, 2010

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

It's harvest time, and members of the Internet Writing Workshop are raking in the acceptances!

Nice work, everybody.

Carter (pinch-hitting for Jody)


Barry Basden

"Stealthy Diet," a little piece of fluff, is up today at Every Day Poets.

Florence Cardinal

Health Central - "ADHD and Sleep"

Sue Ellis

The new fall issue of Mused has two of my short stories: "Anna," recently critiqued at Fiction, and "Sewing Hotline," an old Practice assignment. Thanks so much for the great feedback.

Tom Mahony

My story "Singularity" is in the new issue of Boston Literary Magazine.

Elaine Moore

My poems Lighthouse and Sanctuary were published in August and September respectively in the Island Breeze, a monthly Outer Banks, NC. publication. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and the village of Buxton were the inspiration for these poems, and it's always nice to see them published where they were conceived.

Shruthi Rao

My first online publication! "Letting Go", which was written for Practice, has been accepted by Joyful! and will be published in December. Thanks to the lovely folks at Practice who constantly offer suggestions and encouragement.

Special, and heartfelt thanks to Wayne Scheer, who set the ball rolling.

Wayne Scheer

My story, "Doing Penance," has been accepted by Rougarou, an online literary journal of the University of Louisiana at Lafayettte. The story will appear in their Spring issue.

Thanks to the folks at Fiction who offered helpful critiques. This one began in Practice, so thanks to those critters as well.

Dew on the Kudzu has accepted "Spring Comes to Mississippi" for their December issue.

I have a humorous (I hope) essay up at Clever Magazine, "Gardner's Anonymous."

Pat St. Pierre

A black and white photo of mine is up at Ramshackle Review, issue #1.

My nonfiction work "Treasurers From My Mother" was accepted by Joyful! for the December issue.

Three of my photos are up at Raven Images. (Scroll toward the end).

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