Monday, October 4, 2010

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Not so many this time, but still an impressive list!

Nice work, friends!

Carter (subbing for Jody)

Mark Budman

I have 146 likes and 1462 comments on this one. My personal record. In AOLNews Opinion.

Mel Jacob

In SF Revu:

The Replacement, by Brenna Yovanoff -

Teenager Mackie Doyle has every reason to believe he's different. Iron, especially in blood, makes him sick. He cannot attend the church of his minister father. He also worries about the town whispers of the replacements of healthy infants by sickly ones who die young and fears he may one.

Bones of Empire, by William C. Dietz -

Bones of Empire takes up where At Empire's Edge left off. Centurion Jak Cato of the Xeno Corps discovers Fiss Verafti, a shape-shifter, has taken the Emperor Emor's place and caused mayhem..

The Spirit Thief, by Rachel Aaron -

Rachel Aaron's new fantasy series begins with The Spirit Thief. It follows Spiritualist Miranda Lyonettete on the trail of Eli, a wily thief with the ability to talk with inanimate objects. He wants to become the thief with the highest bounty on his head. He's also a wizard of sorts.

Troubled Waters, by Sharon Shinn -

Troubled Waters has a quasi-Middle-Eastern type setting in her new fantasy novel. Zoe Ardlay loses her brilliant father and is fetched to marry the king by his trusted adviser Darien Serlast the same day. A coming of age story, but also one of romance with plenty of intrigue, politics, and jockeying for gain follows Zoe as she tries to overcome grief and survive on her own.

The Waters Rising: A Novel - by Sheri S. Tepper -

Abasio, a traveler and dyer, and his talking horse Blue, have been sent to help an orphan in Sheri Tepper's new novel, where most people live their lives at the subsistence level. The rising seas encroach upon the land and threaten human existence and only Abasio and the orphan can save humanity.

In Gumshoe Review:

Shroud of Dishonour, by Maureen Ash -

Shroud of Dishonor continues Maureen Ash's series of Templar Knight mysteries with Bascot de Marins healed and ready to return to the Holy Wars. The murder of a prostitute with a pouch of thirty silver pieces in the Chapel of the Templars' Lincoln enclave ensnares de Marins and delays his departure. Women are not allowed on Templar property, and all Templar Knights and many servants swear to refrain from sex.

A Marked Man, by Barbara Hamilton -

Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams and mother of President John Quincy Adams, investigates the murder of a British official in A Marked Man. In rebellious Boston of 1774 Abigail Adams responds to the plight of a patriot accused of the murder.

Wayne Scheer

Thanks to Practice, I tried my hand at writing an animal story recently. It's up at Foliate Oak: "The Cat's Pajamas."

An old flash, "Good Memories," is up at Golden Visions Magazine online. A longer story, "Cloning Clark," appears in their current print issue. Golden Visions prefers science fiction, fantasy and "mild" horror. They pay for the stories, depending upon the number of words. What's more, I received a check in the mail today, the first day the online and print magazines
became available.

You can read "Good Memories" free online, but I'm afraid you have to pay to read "Cloning Clark," either in print or a PDF version.

Also, an essay I wrote a while back about my choice to retire early is available online at Modern Senior Living Magazine. "Wayne has Left the Building" begins on page 20.

My flash "The Epiphany" is up an Litsnack.

Jack Shakeley

My review of Lost Art, Lost Lives is published in the current issue of ForeWord Reviews. It's an astonishing book of the great Nazi theft of European art, a plunder that is stilling playing out in the courts today. 10,000 more reasons to hate Hitler, as if you needed any more.


Turns out October is a great month for dark fiction.

My Flash Story "Hooks" has been published in the Calif. Writers Club of the West Valley publication In Focus. Special thanks to Kathy Highcove for the heads up.

My Flash "Scorned,"' which won the Dead Times Online short story contest, has gone from accepted to printed. It's only a local mag, but it is available all over Springfield Mo.

My Flash "Hunting Cabin" has been accepted by Dark Movements and will be available as a podcast on Oct 31 here.

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