Thursday, October 14, 2010

IWW members publishing successes

A little late, but better than never. Lots of good ones this week!

Carter, subbing for Jody

Barry Basden

Left Hand Waving has published "Fire Escape."

Thanks to all who helped with it under a different title.

Sherry Gloag (Jackie)

I am blogging over at Rites of Romance, where I am talking about editing. Please come over and share some of your editing experiences too. :-)

Today I am blogging at The Phantom Photographer about that tricky scene--or chapter--that won't go right, and how I overcame it while writing my debut novel, The Brat.

My poem "Travelling Companions" is up at The Heart of Romance today.

Jacquelynn Rasmenia Massoud

My flash piece "House Cleaning" is scheduled to appear at Every Day Fiction on Thursday, the 14th of October. This started as an exercise for the Practice list a few months ago, so thank you to everyone who helped me out by critiquing this one.

Gary Presley

I once ate at Arnaud's in the French Quarter in New Orleans. My wife has dark hair and is smarter and better educated than I am. Good raw material, huh? Why not write a short story for Poor Mojo's Almanac?

Scroll down to read "So Very Cliche."

Anita Saran

Just finished pitching my new novella, The Choosing, via Muse Conference, and got a request for a full manuscript by Solstice Publishing. Now I must polish it. Such an amazing experience--all but one of the writers pitching to this publisher were successful. The pitch is first sent to one of the founders, Lea, who then lines you up for the publisher on chat. So she's already done much of the homework for you, making sure you're in the right place. Well, I have a few more lined up for the pitch, so I will keep pitching unless one of them asks for an exclusive. The international Muse Writer's Conference is really worth it and I can only thank Ann Hite for letting me know. I woke up at 6 a.m. to be in time for this event, me being in India and they in Canada. Very worth it.

This is my log line (and it's followed by a brief plotline):

"My 24,000-word erotic-paranormal fantasy The Choosing is about a young girl's struggle between desire for power and a yearning for purity. It is a story of redemption.


Wayne Scheer

My story, "Doing Right," is up at Midwest Literary Magazine. It's a hard site to navigate.

My flash 'The Parking Lot" was accepted at Left hand Waving, and will be up November 5.

My 100-word story "Surprise" has won an Honorable Mention in Necon E-Books' monthly writing contest. I was one of the winners last month as well. It's an interesting experience peeling down a longer story to under 100 words. I'm not sure if what's left is art, but it's fun. The theme for next month is Halloween, of course. I'm going to see what I can do. You might consider giving it a try as well. Guidelines are just below my story near the bottom of the page.

ken#again will publish "Buddies" in their Winter issue. This was critiqued in Fiction a while back, so I thank the group.

Jack Shakely

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that a review I did of Eric Burns' "Invasion of the Mind Snatchers," a very funny history of the early days of television, showed up in the Sept-Oct issue of ForeWord Review. It was originally scheduled for the Nov-Dec issue, but they needed copy, I guess.

Anyhoo, yahoo.

Joanna M. Weston

A poem for my brother, "Other places," is up at Birds by my window,

Scroll down on the right-hand side and there it is!

A poem, "The Taste of a Stamp," up at Ink, Sweat, and Tears. (Scroll down.)


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