Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Congratulations to all our Internet Writing Workshop members who found publishing success this past week! 

A great writing week to all.



Barry Basden

"The General Will Have His Flowers" has been published in WTF PWM, Issue 3.1.

Thanks to all who helped or commented.

Sue Ellis

I have a new book review at Internet Review of Books, "The Jamestown Experiment," by Tony Williams. The book was a great read and for me, at least, didn't bog down as some historical works can do. Thank you to the great editors at IWW.

Also, "Joey" -- a short story critiqued very recently at Fiction -- is up at The Camel Saloon. Scroll down the page and look in the left-hand column. Wayne is there, too, right above my story. 

Thanks again, Fiction, for the great critiques.

I also have a poem, "Misplaced,up at Mused, the Bella Online Literary Journal. I'm in great company with Joanna Weston and Stacey Dye.

Paula Martin invited me to participate in her Friday Friend.

My story, "Manifesto," is in the new Boston Literary Magazine.

My story, "Evolution," is up at DiddleDog.

My flash piece, "Yard Sale," has been accepted at Apollo's Lyre and is now online.

This was originally for the practice list, so thanks to that group for the feedback. I also wanted to mention that the flash editor at Apollo's Lyre, Jim Harrington, is super nice & was very cool to work with & this story was improved on a bit as a result.

Behlor Santi

My article on the fun and health benefits of kidney beans will appear in the May 2011 edition of Healthy U, a local health magazine from sunny LasCruces, New Mexico.

Read an interview with me about my first novel 'Circe' here.

Wayne Scheer

My short story, "Family Man," is up at Fiction 365.  This is a good site with a helpful editor. They publish a different story under 4000  words every day.  

I have Sue Ellis to thank for this Yahoo. After reading about her acceptance in The Camel Saloon earlier today, I sent the  editor three flashes and he accepted two of them a few hours later. "Haunted by Jack Kerouac's Ghost" is now up, and "The Complexity of Love" will appear in a future issue.

Pill Hill Press has accepted my comic horror flash, "ElectrixLuv Love," for their Everyday Frights 2012 Edition.  They are looking for 366 flash horror stories (special leap year edition) for a print anthology.   

Jack Shakely

My latest review for ForeWord Review magazine appears in the March/April issue. I hope you enjoy it.

My spring photos are now up at Amaranthine Muses.

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