Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Congratulations to our Internet Writing Workshop members for the latest round of publication successes. Keep up the great work!



Barry Basden

MuDJoB has published three tiny pieces.

Thanks to everybody who helped with any of these hint fictions.


Kate DeAmour

My very short story, "April 15th," is up at


Ruth Douillette

I recently had a review published in the Internet Review of BooksSeven Wonders of the Universe... is a fun and informative read, which includes a section on tectonic plates that makes you realize just how fragile Earth's crust is, and also explains why earthquakes actually benefit the planet, which I mention briefly in the review.


Alice Folkart

The poetry journal Four and Twenty has included my very short poem, "Where's He Been?" in its April double issue celebrating National Poetry Month.

Each poem has its own page. Mine is the 8th after the two-page table of contents.

Hope you have time to take a look at the issue. Lots of good work.


Linda Gamble

Hope to bring a smile on tax day. My poem "Clowning Around at the IRS" is online at The Camel Saloon.


Mel Jacob

Haven't signed a contract yet, but I got an offer on my short story, "The Corpulent Chiroptean." This is first place I sent it. My thanks to the Lovestory folks.


Tom Mahony

My micro piece, "Neckbeard," is up at Johnny America.

My essay, "Cutting Edge of Retro" is up at LabLit.


Dr. Minette Mans

My 2010 non-fiction book, "Living in Worlds of Music" (Springer), has a really nice review at the International Journal of Education & the Arts.


Jacquelynn Rasmenia Massoud

The Cynic Online Magazine has published my story, "Evan Fading."

This one went through the fiction list a while ago under the title, "Choices We Dare Not See." Thanks to everyone on the list for the critiques and especially for suggesting that I look for another title.


Lorri McDole

My very short story, "Wolfe on the Lam," is up on the One Forty Fiction site, right on the heels of Gary's story published there yesterday.


Pauline Micciche

I tried a two-sentence story, and "Recovery" is now up at Two Sentence Stories. It is listed under my fiction-writing name, P. F. Palm.


Elaine Moore

Foliate Oak Literary Journal has accepted my poem, "Antiquity," for their May issue.

Three Line Poetry has accepted two of my tiny little poems for their next edition.


Sarah Morgan

My very short poem, "The Migrants," is live at Four and Twenty. I share the honor with IWW writers Alice Folkart and Elaine Moore. Mine is listed under my writing name, S.C. Morgan.

As Alice said, each poem has its own page. Mine resides at the number 25 -- five squared.

My review of T.C. Boyle's latest book, When the Killing's Done, is live at the Internet Review of Books.

Thanks to everyone on the nonfiction list who critted this one for me; you gave it legs and made it stronger. And thanks to those wonderful editors over at IRB. You rock!


Gary Presley

Someone here recently mentioned One Forty Fiction, and after visiting the site I saw this week's theme is "The Tax Man." My contribution, "Who Needs Halliburton," is now up.


Judith Kelly Quaempts

The story scheduled for May has been published early at Cynic magazine. I'm in good company; fellow IWW member, Jacki, has a story there, too.

Thanks to the fiction list for all the good crits.


Adrienne Ross

My essay "Roadkill" is up at Tiny Lights' Flash in the Pan #24.

Flash in the Pan publishes 500-word essays on a quarterly basis.


Loretta Russell

I received news that one of the articles I wrote for the Mountain Echo newspaper -- regarding the retrial of the woman accused of murdering her husband -- won second place in the California Newspaper Publishers Association for general news in a weekly publication.


Bob Sanchez

The Internet Review of Books got a nice mention in the North Palouse Washington e-Newscast for a review written by
the IWW's own Ruth Douillette. Thanks, Mona Vanek!


Anita Saran

Solstice Publishing has just published my novella, "The Choosing."

The Editor in Chief sent me a mail today about the book, which is also on Amazon.


Wayne Scheer

My flash, "Tuesdays with Mimsey," will be published in a future issue of Rusty Typer. Thanks to the Practice group for help with this one.

Fiction 365 accepted my story, "Three Generations," which recently made the rounds at Fiction under a different title.  Thanks to all of you for your help.

Fiction365 pays $10 and responds in about two weeks with specific comments.


Murray Snow

I am pleased (beyond belief) to announce that my novel On Guard For Thee has been released in ebook and paperback through Fastpencil Publishing.

Some of you may remember this story under the project's previous title, "Honor Lost, Honor Bound," which was critiqued on this list a couple years ago.

Thank you to all who helped with this story.


Pat St. Pierre

A three line poem of mine has been published by Three Line Poetry. Go to website, then go to free issues and click on issue 2. They have an online and print copy.

The Front Porch Review features one of my photos in its April issue. Go to Visual Arts and you'll find my name with the photo "Welcome."

Pond Ripples just accepted two of my "very" short poems. They will be included in the May issue.

Also, one of my photos of my grandson won the cute contest of the online Funny Photo Contest with a small monetary prize. Now it's off to the semi-finals in September.


Jason Warden

I recently interviewed S. G. Browne, author of Breathers and Fated, for The ShadowCast Audio Anthology. He gave some enlightening answers as to how he goes about the process of writing a book.

I'd also like to add that we recently made the switch and are now a Paying Market!

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