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IWW Members' Publishing Successes

It's been a sizzling summer at the Internet Writing Workshop, where members continually find publishing success in all venues.

Congratulations to all on these recent triumphs!


Michael Baird

My story "The People Who Sell Free Things" was accepted at Eric's Hysterics.

Should be up in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to God, the academy, and the fiction list.


Barry Basden

The summer issue of Full of Crow Quarterly Fiction has published "Rainier."

Thanks to all who helped with it.

PANK is good to its contributors--often blogs their other successes and interviews each. Here's mine.

I never thought such goofy questions could be a sort of Rorschach test.

The Summer 2011 Issue of LITnIMAGE contains "Ray's People Have Always Been Soldiers."


Guilie Castillo

As a newbie at this, I can only hope you can imagine how great it is to send out a Yahoo. I'm hoping sending this will help me believe. It's no 15-book series with a seven-figure advance; it's just a short story, product of the Practice List, to be published sometime in August on Fiction365. But to me... what can I say? I'm over the top.

"Come Back To Me, Elsie" will be published in around 1.5 months at Fiction 365. To all of you that helped with crits and improvements, details, suggestions, feedback... I cannot thank you enough.

If whoever does the blog thinks this is worth publishing in it, by all means go ahead. I'm thinking about renting a billboard on this, my rocky island of Curacao, and putting it up there. Why not on the blog, too? :)

Thanks again. You gave me faith.


Peg Frey

Our own Jeanette de Beauvoir notified me today that my short essay/rant/response to a Salon piece and the question of 'Why Read Fiction' is now live on her blog, Beyond the Elements of Style.

In addition, Muscadine Lines has published my flash fiction "Graduation" in their latest edition. This is an older story with a southern tilt that's been bouncing around. A thank you to members of the Practice board [where it started] and the Prose-p group who read and commented on a later version. Thanks also to Barry Basden for mentioning Muscadine in one of his past yahoos. The venue was a new one for me.

Wayne Scheer notified me that my story "Sliding into Twelve" is featured as the 'Story of the Week' at Sniplits. The Story of the Week selections are free to listeners.

There's a small sample/promo you can listen to as well beside the 'add to cart' click. The reader has a pleasant voice, far better than my gravelly N. J. twang.


June Gallant

My first blog ever is up at Miramichi Online.

I studied every wonderful suggestion you made in your crits and this is what came out of it. If you care to take a look, there is also a space for comments at the very bottom of my page, and I would love to hear from you all.

Thanks IWW friends.


Dawn Goldsmith

It isn't often that I write multiple articles about the same subject, but Susan Lenz is such an interesting artist that writing about her could fill several magazines. Today I received my comp copies of Quilter Magazine with my article about Susan and her 'window' art quilts (she stitches and MELTS the fabric to create stained glass windows).

In addition, the article I wrote about her and her grave rubbings art quilts was posted today at HandEye Magazine.

You may recognize the editor, our own Rebeca Schiller!


Nicole Green

My third romance novel with Genesis Press, Holding Her Breath, has been released!


Kristen Howe

My Erica Spindler article has been published at Yahoo Contributor Network (formerly Associated Content). I didn't get paid for it, since it's prose. But the only way I get paid is my Page per view (PPV)--mainly the number of traffic sent to my article, like Twitter, Facebook, and here.

My thanks goes to Gary, Hayden, Paul and Sarah at Nonfiction for their critiques.

I've gotten two new offers for my S.O.S. articles from Yahoo Contributor Network (Associated Content). Since I've edited it, split it into halves, and reorganized it, I've gotten $2.09 per article. That's $4.18 in total. Now both are published.

Thanks to Charles and Jeri for your comments! I'm working on an update for the S.O.S. battle this week and will send to Nonfiction this weekend, along with my Favorite Novel prose for YCN, and hopefully, I'll be submitting my old article on multiple births by the end of next week. Stay tuned.

S.O.S., Part One
S.O.S., Part Two


Ann Hite

I have been invited to be part of a panel at DragonCon this Labor Day. Now mind you, I know what DragonCon is, but I’ve never thought of my work being a good fit. I was informed that ghost stories were always a good fit. And writers are writers no matter the genre, so my panel discussion in Writers Track will go well. If anyone out there is coming to DragonCon be sure and look me up.


Mel Jacob

For any interested in seeing my short contribution to Melange Books' Curious Hearts Anthology (Corpulent Chiropteran), the book will be available on July 25 at Melange Books in ebook and print and also at in print and ebook.

In the next few weeks it will be available at All Romance Ebooks and Bookstrand. It will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders, but this process takes about eight weeks so don’t expect to see it at any of those places for a while. Distribution through Bowkers and Ingrams will also happen after eight weeks.

This is almost a triple. My two sort of Halloween shorts will be out around Halloween and the publisher has accepted another short and plans to produce an anthology of the three stories. No publishing details yet.

I have the following books reviews up at

  • Dark War: A Matt Richter Novel by Tim Waggoner
  • Grave Dance: An Alex Craft Novel by Kalayna Price
  • Ghosts of War by George Mann

More books reviews are up at
  • Bedlam of Bones: A Reverend Oughterard Mystery by Suzette A. Hill
  • A Slepyng Hound to Wake: a novel by Vincent McCaffrey
  • A Visible Darkness: A Mystery by Michael Gregorio
  • The Illusion of Murder by Carol McCleary
  • Scones & Bones (A Tea Shop Mystery) by Laura Childs

After roughly 20 years and plenty of rejects, Beyond the Rim of Light has a publisher. Besides that: she loved 'the voice' and said 'it’s a good solid story and you are an editor’s dream as far as writing technique!'

Can't ask for more than that. It's a spec fic novel, sort of Alice through the worm hole becomes the Count of Monte Christo. Once I have release date, etc., I'll post the info.

This is a prime example of persistence paying off.


Jacquelynn Rasmenia Massoud

My story, "Shit Water," was accepted at The Legendary and is now online in their fiction section.

Thanks again to everyone on the fiction list who critiqued this one - this is the second time I've had this one accepted, so I'm pretty happy about that.


Pauline Micciche

My flash story "The Black Jay" was published in the print edition of Calliope. It is not yet online.


Elaine Moore

Apollo's Lyre has published my flash fiction piece, "Acceptance."


Eric Petersen

My latest book review, Bottled Lightning by Seth Fletcher, has been published by the Internet Review of Books.

Flashes In The Dark has published another one of my stories, "Gargoyle." Thanks to everyone on Prose-P who critiqued the original version - you helped me make it even better!


Adrienne Ross

I'm pleased to say that "Orcas in Passing" is up at Adventum Magazine's inaugural issue. You may also find it at:

"Things that Go Beep in the Night" is up at LabLit.

A fun piece to write, and LabLit accepted it 3 hours after I submitted it. It should always be that easy...


Bob Sanchez

Today a royalty check arrived from Amazon, the first one for sales of my ebooks. It's not a huge check, but with luck it's not the last either.


Wayne Scheer

Sugar Mule will publish my story, "The Staring Contest," in their November issue.

Sugar Mule was one of the first ezines to publish a story of mine back in 2002. I just recently discovered they were still in business.

I have three flashes under 250 words up at Apollo's Lyre. They've headed the threesome as a Bouquet of Shorts. All three began in Practice and at least one was then reviewed in Fiction. So I owe a big thanks.

My story, "Where Are You Now, Charming Billy?," has been accepted by Dew on the Kudzu for their July issue.

I just got word that Everyday Fiction likes my story, "The Good Citizen," and wants to publish it July 13. This one began in Practice and was developed further with critiques from the Fiction group, so I owe thanks to a lot of people.

Fiction365 has bought my story, "A Change of Heart," and has scheduled it for publication at a later date.

My story, "Doing Penance," has been reprinted in Front Porch Review.

My story, "A Good Citizen," went up at Everyday Fiction yesterday. I almost missed it. This one received some strong, mixed comments from readers.

This story began in Practice, so I owe the group an extra thanks.

Sorry to keep interrupting you with these Yahoos, but this one is unique.

I just got an email from an editor with Black Lawrence Press, saying she'd like to publish my story, "Two Friends," in an anthology of creative works dealing with AIDS. What's amazing to me is I published the story in Arts and Understanding, a print magazine, in 2005!

Scissors and Spackle has accepted my story, "A Life of Jive," for their September issue. They pay $30 for one story an issue, so here's hoping....


Pat St. Pierre

I have been selected to be one of the readers for the "Glass Woman Prize" fiction contest which ends in September.

I will read 10 of more fiction pieces and select the top three to go on to the editor.

I am thrilled because my fiction publication has not been extensive.

It's a great learning experience for me.


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