Tuesday, October 18, 2011

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues. Congratulations to this week's crew!



Jeannette de Beauvoir

I was interviewed yesterday on the wonderful Jungle Red blog, about my upcoming mystery series, the Irene Adler Mysteries.

The book discussed in the interview I sent out earlier is now officially OUT and available online at Amazon, B&N, and OmniLit. It's called Assignment: Nepal and the author name is J.A. Squires. Publisher is Echelon.

It's the first in the series of Irene Adler mysteries.

If Ginny Wagner is still on this list, she's thanked in the acknowledgments.


Peg Frey

For something a little different, I was contacted by a textbook editor in Israel requesting permission to reprint my flash story "Graduation" for FOCUS, an accompanying text for high school students learning English. The text will be published in 2012 with a print run of 25,000. The story first appeared in Muscadine Lines, a southern journal.

And to fuel my interest in all things political, I've been invited to join the staff as writer/editor at Sky Dancing, a political/cultural blog that I've frequented for the last two years. My first article, "Shame or Blame? When It Comes to America's Kids, Where Do We Stand?" premiered on the front page. The article speaks to the growing food insecurity of American children, a percentage that has spiked to a whopping 25%.

The staff at Sky Dancing has been most welcoming.


Wayne Scheer

My poem "Shakespeare Might Have Had a Day Like This," a parody of a sonnet, was accepted for publication in the November issue of Foliate Oak and is now available online. I'd like to thank Alice Folkart for encouraging me to try my hand at poetry.


Rebeca Schiller

Taking the lead from Pat, I submitted a photo to Front Porch Review and it was accepted.


Jack Shakely

My op-ed piece "Empty Mailbox Blues" appears in today's edition of the Los Angeles Times.


Pat St. Pierre

Front Porch Review published a photo of mine that is almost identical to Birmingham Arts Journal. Since I didn't know about Birmingham's photo I couldn't give them any credit (titles of photo are different).


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