Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

This has been an especially good week for Internet Writing Workshop members, particularly for writing partners Francene Stanley and Edith Parzefall. They -- along with many other list members -- are a true testament to rewards reaped from dedication and perseverance.

We begin this week's list of publishing successes with Francene and Edith's announcement.

Congratulations to this week's crew!



Francene Stanley and Edith Parzefall (submitted by Francene)

Over the last year or so, Edith and I have submitted our four-volume novels of the Higher Ground series about a future world after the great flood destroyed the world as we know it.

We've just signed our contracts with Double Dragon Publishing for the first book, Wind Over Troubled Waters, and they are interested in the three further books as well. We're pretty confident they'll be published. Of course, we'll have to wait over a year before the book appears in all its glory as an ebook and paperback.

I can't tell you how excited I am. Years of dedication and perseverance have paid off. I spend seven hours a day at my computer and love every second. If it hadn't been for the Internet Writers Workshop, Edith and I would not have met and this partnership would not have formed. Not only that, but I give credit to the generous, skilled people at Novels-L for honing my writing over the years. Edith is the best partner anyone could have, as I'm sure anyone knows who has been lucky enough to receive a critique from her.


Jan Bridgeford-Smith

Kathy Highcove, editor of the Valley Scribe newsletter, included my short story, "Minty's Gourd," in the December issue, page 13. It's online now. I subbed a version of the story on the Practice list and as usual, got helpful comments that strengthened the final tale.

Thanks, Kathy, for your constant support of IWW members.

Additionally, my piece "Garden Bounty" is now live at 6 Tales.

Six stories, online for one's a neat hope you'll take a look.

Thanks to all the Practice List folks that read this as a sub and commented; your crits always guide my revisions and final product...thank you.


Mira Desai

After a monsoon of rejects, I'm glad to announce publication of a story, "Ebony has many shades," in an online anthology, In Her Place.


Sue Ellis

From January, almost a year ago, my story "A Bucket of Dirt Clods" appeared in Poor Mojo's Almanac(k).

Thanks to everyone in Fiction who commented on this story when it was submitted.


Dawn Goldsmith

I've been getting several assignments to write profiles of fabric artists. One just sent me a thank you for what I wrote. She said:

"Thank you so much for your eloquence in conveying what I do. I seriously have cried twice today just thinking of it. I can't wait to see more of your writing in upcoming issues!"
That was almost as valuable payment as the check. :) It feels good to get positive feedback.


Mel Jacob

I have the following book reviews up at
  • The Doctor and the Kid: A Weird West Tale by Mike Resnick
  • Honor's Paradox (Kencyrath 6) by P.C. Hodgell
  • Mayan December by Brenda Cooper
  • Mecha Corps: A Novel of the Armor Wars by Brett Patton
  • Phases of Gravity by Dan Simmons
  • Planesrunner (Everness, Book One) by Ian McDonald 
I also have the following book reviews up at
  • The Angel Makers by Jessica Gregson
  • Danger in Deer Ridge: A Blackthorne, Inc. by Terry Odell
  • Dangerous to Know (Lady Emily) by Tasha Alexander
  • Dead Bolt: A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery by Juliet Blackwell
  • Double Booked for Death (A Black Cat Bookshop Mystery) by Ali Brandon
Warmest Christmas Wishes is out now available on Melange Books and (I couldn't find the link there, but publisher is checking).

Honey on White Bread by Brenda Whiteside is up on Lulu as is Return to Me by Tara Fox Hill; I edited both.


Adrienne Ross

I am pleased to say that my flash essay "Pasayten Wilderness" is posted at the web anthology In Her Place: Stories About Women Who Get Around.

If you read it, please consider leaving comments.


Bob Sanchez

I have a guest post over at Diane Wolfe's Spunk on a Stick and would love it if you'd stop by and say hello. The discussion there is low-cost promotions.

I have a blog appearance at Make Mine Mystery, where the topic is "Learning from the Pros." Please stop by and leave a comment.


Wayne Scheer

"Kim's Picture," written recently for Practice, has been accepted at Apollo's Lyre for their March issue.

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